Self-Review vs Review Center

You plan your future ahead after college graduation and that is awesome. You are ready for the next big step in your life and that is to become a licensed professional. Then, you realized something very important: before all this, you need to pass the board exam!

Well then, there is something that bothers you the most. You ask yourself these questions: Do I need to enroll in a review center or do I study on my own?

To help you make the best decision, I have listed the advantages of each below:


You can self-study anywhere

One advantage of self-studying is that you can choose the best place for you to review. You can use your bedroom if you want and even go to a library too. As long as it is free from disturbance then you can do it. Your only problem is if you don’t have the proper place of your own to do this.

You can self-study anytime at your convenience

Choose your own study time. Remember, the more relaxed you are in studying, the more your brain can absorb everything. Yet, it takes a lot of discipline for you to follow your own time. But, remember that it takes self-discipline to do this.

You can self-study at your own style

For you to study well is to study on your own style and pattern. This is more accurate for those comprehensive exams where each person differs. The only enemy here is your own self. Sometimes, laziness can do a big impact to a person so you better focus on your goal.

Self-study is best for those who are goal-oriented and can focus very well on their target.

Review Center

Structured Review Centers

Structured Review Centers help develop discipline. It is the role of the reviewer to keep the distractions from the reviewees. The main goal is to focus to the review to meet the target passing rate. This is a good point that you must know when balancing your options.

Review Centers Duplicate the Exam Atmosphere

The exam atmosphere is a big factor to pass. Simulation exams prepare the reviewees on what to do during the actual exam. This will help them prepare themselves for the real exam.

Review Center Grants Access to the Best Materials

This is very helpful to each reviewee. Unlike self-study, where the reviewee only rely on their books and notes. Review centers give access on the newest best materials for review.

Review Centers passing rate are usually high

There is high passing rate of those who enroll in the review centers. It is very clear that review center have their own standard and style in aiding their reviewees.

As a result, studying in a review center is best for those who need to develop a certain sense of discipline. Review centers are the best places to prepare for standardized tests.


Self-Review vs Review Center

Well, it is your decision now. If you want autonomy then self-review i your best choice. If you want more discipline and structure, then find the best review center good enough for you.