1. Of the following which best describes the teaching profession?

*Noblest Profession

2. There is a gap between the words and deeds of the student and so the teacher needs to exemplify certain characteristics. The most personal of which is ___________.

* To monitor one's own behavior

3. "Red Letter Day" is a/an

a. Idiom

4. Ano ang tamang pagbaybay ng salitang "barbershop" sa filipino?

* barbershop

5. It is the relationship between an organism and a host where neither is benefited nor harmed?


6. Among the important successful teaching, which shows fairness, impartiality, open-mindedness, prejudice, and sense of awareness?


7. Based on the elements of a profession, can a taxi driver be considered a professional?

*No, because driving is not a college/university degree

8. Among ways or tools to gather assessment, which is an add-on of assessment of learning?


9. Piliin ang simuno sa sumusunod na pangungusap: sa kabila ng kahirapan, nagsikap siya na makatapos sa kolehiyo.

* Siya

10. What does negatively skewed score distribution imply? 

*The scores congregate on the right side of the normal distribution curve

* the scores of the students are high

11. What is the most appropriate tagline for the slogan on cultural diversity "A people without the knowledge of their history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots".

* Cultural Identity

12. The international commission on Education for the 21st century advocates four pillars of learning, namely; learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together and learning to be. Since there are peace and cultural diversity problems in the world and everywhere, which of the four pillars should be given more emphasis in teaching? 

* Learning to live together

13. What kind of reasoning is used when churchmen concluded that the earth is the center of the universe because Jesus Christ is the center of all creation?


14. Which of the following is not at the critical level of thinking? 

*Guessing and believing

15. What kind of knowledge processing was involved when teacher Algie asked his student to reflect on themselves as self-learners?

* Metacognition

16. Assessment of learning is ________ part of the teaching-learning process? 

* Integral

17. Compared with an evaluation which is subjective, a testing student is more objective because it is based on?

*Quantifiable data

18. Which student thinking or behavior indicates that he or she values diversity? 

*He/she accepts the fact that all people are unique in their own way

19. How does a novice learner acquire information? 

*All the information

20. Which of the following characterizes a student raised by authoritative parents? 

* relates well to classmates

21. Teacher Roger wants his students to rate their own work using the scoring rubric which he explained to class before the students began with their task, Based on revised Bloom's taxonomy, In which level of cognitive processing are the students? 

* applying

22. Which is considered as the nurseries of the state? 


23. This was the philosophy which compromises the official statement of Chinese values during the Han Dynasty.

*Confucian philosophy

24. Sa pangungusap na "Malakas ang busis mo". Ang salitang malakas ay:


25. What is the oldest religion in Asia?


26. Who is the Indian Shakespearean poet?


27. The birthplace of Jose Rizal.

* Calamba, Laguna

28. She asked an IMPERTINENT question. The capitalized word means? 


29. Insulin secreted by?


30. Light travels fastest in?

a. Water c. Vacuum *

b. Air d. Wood

31. It is the agreement between Sikatuna and Legaspi?

*Blood compact

32. Candor means?

* frank

33. Which Spanish policy which provided for the resettlement of Filipino communities to form town centers of cabeceras?


34. Matriarchal:

* a woman is the ruler of the family

35. Anong uri ng salita ang ginamit said pangungusap na "siya ay huwarang mag-aaral". 


36. An ant colony stores food in the summer defends itself by stinging enemies and invades a competing ant colony and steals larvae and uses them as new workers. What is the term to best describe how this species copes with everyday life?

*Ecological niche

37. Element X has an electron configuration of 1S2 2S2 2P2. Based on information, element X belongs to an/a ________ family.


38. It is considered the earliest form of writing in the Philippines.


39. Who discovered the penicillin? 

* Alexander Fleming

40. Which of the following illustrates feeding connection among organisms?

*Food web

41. Which play by William Shakespeare feature to ill-starred lovers who come from warring families?

*Romeo and Juliet

42. Who is considered the father of the local government code?

*Aquilino Pimentel

43. A question is raised by one student, teacher princess doesn't answer it but throw back the question to the class. What is this reacting behavior? 

*Redirecting questions to other pupils

44. Which practice doesn't promote interaction? 

*Rejecting students' answer outright

45. Which assessment determines what is going on, such as whether the students are improving towards mastery of the lessons?

*Formative assessment

46. The student was taught how to conduct action research and was required an end of the term is written research report. The class was taught how to do the research report and was shown an Analytic scoring rubric for them to know how they will be graded. They were all motivated to pass an excellent research report and as group checked now and then if they were through a scoring rubric. What form of assessment is described? 

* assessment as learning

47. Which of the following promotes thrift among members and generates funds in order to lend to its member?

*Credit cooperate

49. An achievement test measures what?

*Quality and quantity of previous learning

50. Which is the largest prime number less than 200?


51. Which of the following is an economic system based on free enterprise?


52. Who established the national theater in Spain?

*Lope de Vega

53. The use of organisms to produce things that people need is called____.


54. "She is a lovely rose" is an example of what?


55. What do you call the opening holes of the plant leaves?

* Stomata

56. Which of the following can detect the magnitude of an earthquake? 


57. The Spanish Governor-General who was responsible for the use of Spanish surnames by Filipinos?

*Narciso Claveria

58. How many days are needed after which an enrolled bill becomes a law?

*30 days

59. Taxation:

*Burden to people

60. What country is the highest-paid teachers' salary? 


61. A toothpick can sit on the surface of water due to what? 

*surface tension

62. In the speech progress, which is concerned with amplifying and enriching the voice, using human amplifiers such as the nose, windpipe, and chest?


63. Capsid:


64. He condemned the hidden control and domination by Spanish religious priests over the colonial government using frailocracia.

*Marcelo H. Del polar

65. When the scores of the students were negatively skewed means?

*their scores are high

66. Walrus are mostly live in a ______.

*Arctic island

67. Whose view gives prominence to faith in understanding the "existence of God"?

*St. John

68. Who changed the Independence day from July to June?


69. "...It droppeth as a gentle rain from heaven" is an example of which the following?


70. Metacognition means :

*thinking about thinking

71. The students from the lower group obtained high scores in an item.

*negatively discriminating power

72. The energy source which is not sustainable is 

a. Wind b. Sun

c. Coal. d. Water

73. This was the philosophy which comprises the official statement of Chinese values during the Han dynasty.

a. Confucian philosophy 

b. Taoist philosophy

74. Three brothers inherited a cash amount of P62000 and they divided it among themselves in the ratio of 5:4:1. How much more is the smaller share?

a. 28,400 c. 2400

b. 31,000 d. 6200

75. Interest at 8% for 3 months on 6,000.00?

a. 150.00 b. 120.00

c. 250.00 d. 50.00

76. What is the journal writing using the internet and useful for teachers who can publish lesson ideas to digital students? 


77. It is a mediated poem of grief? 


78. Who wrote the "How my brother Leon brought home a wife?

*Manuel Arcilla

79. The teacher is convinced that change is constant in this world and he/she implements it in his/her pupils because he/she agrees on it.


80. While credit cards can boost consumer buying, what is the danger to consumers? 

*Dept with high-interest payments

81. Corroborate means

* Confirm

82. Outside the acceptable and effective ways of dealing discipline problem is/ are:

*additional homework

83. Eye wink, waving of hands, nodding of the head is an example of what?

*body language

84. Which of the following did not meet the expectations? 

a. Below 75%

b. Below 76%

85. Our guest of honor was a loquacious speaker. This means______.


86. What is the main organ of respiration? 

* lungs

87. It is a condition in which the excessive number of organisms may result in unhealthy living conditions and lower quality of life.


88. Who is exempted to the professional code of ethics? 


89. What social service is available to the computer? 


90. The score of the student in a test is related to other students.

* norm reference

91. One instance of taking away the life of another person without due process is called?


92. Gullible means:

*Easily deceived

93. Taoism is another Chinese philosophy about the same period of Confucianism, but more spiritual rather than ethical interested as it stressed that nature contains a divine impulse that directs all life. Who is the philosopher behind Taoism? 


94. Renewable resources that have not yet developed in the Philippines.

a. Coal b. Sea c. Wind d. Water

95. What kind of portfolio is used when applying for a job?

a. assessment portfolio 

b. Showcase portfolio 

c. Developmental portfolio

96. A speech made by a person who reveals his thoughts.

* soliloquy

97. People on earth experience day and night regularly every 24 hours. Why is this so?

*because the earth rotates on its own axis

98. Which described the division of the Legislature into Senate and the House of Representatives? 


99. It is the earth's shield against the sun's harmful radiation.

*Ozone layer

100. Which literature reflect the people's beliefs and handed down from generation to generation by word of mouth? 


101. It is the excessive presence of CO^2 in the air trapping heat near the earth's surface causing a rise in the temperature in the environment.

* Guesthouse Effect

102. Which epic poem whose plot centers around the anger and wrath of Archilles against Agamemnon? 

*The Illiad of Homer

103. A branch of science that deals with the study of the relationship between plants, animals and other living things found in their habitats.


104. Fall of the house of usher:

*hypochondriac living in morbid fear

105. Before migrants crossed the seas from the southern Philippines, there were already aboriginal settlers in the islands. Who were these?


106. You should be ashamed of yourself for having such carnal desires. Select the word which means the same as the underlined word.


107. "To be or not to be" is the beginning of the soliloquy of _______


108. The courage of the son who saved his father from a ranging fire is worth?


109. Who wrote the 1st Filipino modern English language short story "Dead Star" ?

*Paz Marquez Benitez

110. Participation in governance, including the right to vote and seek public office is secured within the citizen's ___________

*Political rights

111. The right invoked in the "writ of habeas data". Is ______

*Right to life, liberty, and security

113. The Philippines belongS to what political system?


114. Which enables the computer to communicate with other computers over the telephone?


115. It is the information highway.


116. "Mahal kita, mahal kita hindi 'to bola, ngumiti ka man lang sana ako't nasa langit na". Ang salitang pampanitikan na ginamit sa kanta ay nangangahulugan


117. Heto na, heto na, heto na, wahh! Doo bidoo bidoo, bidoo bidoo" Alin ang nabuong salita ayon sa teoryang pooh-pooh?


118. Ang pagpapalitan ng mga ideya, opinyon, salaysay, sa pamamagitan ng mga sagisay ay tinatawag na________.


119. How are bats able to navigate in the dark without bumping into anything?

*They emit sound waves whose returning vibrations can detect the presence of objects

120. A species of fish lived in a lake. When a dam was constructed in the area, a group of fish was separated and populated a new pond. They now developed different characteristics and became a distinct species. Which of the following concepts explains this speciation?

*Geographical Isolation

121. Plants capture energy from the sunlight by means of a molecule known as _____


122. Why do fisherfolks catch more fish during the new moon than during the full moon?

*Fishes are attracted to the light from a fishing boat which fisherman makes use of during the new moon.

123. Which of the following is true about light and seeing?

* Light hits an object, bounces and then enters the eyes

124. The union of an ovum and sperm inside a test tube is 

*In vitro fertilization

125. What thin structures are essential for cytokinesis, amoeboid movement and changes in cell shape?


126. Which of the following process best explains the evolution of life forms or gradual transformation of species?

*Natural selection

127. How are institutions of learning encouraged to set higher standards of quality over and above the minimum required for state recognition as provided for the Education Act of 1982?

*Voluntary accreditation

128. The main function of the philosophy of education is to:

*Define the goals and set the direction for which education is to strive

129. The singing of national anthem is an offshoot of the philosophical ideals of 


130. Parents and Teachers are considered as authorities and models by children at the early childhood stage. What does this statement imply?

*Teachers and parents should serve as role models at all times