This is the Multiple Choice Questions in General Education as one coverage of Licensure Examinations for Teachers (LET). The exam is divided into two classifications. First is the elementary level exam which covers topics from General Education (GenEd) 40% and Professional Education (ProfEd) 60%. Secondly is the secondary level which covers GenEd 20%, ProfEd 40% and area of specialization 40%. I assume you are looking for a reviewer that will help you achieve your goal to become a professional License teacher very soon. Yes, you are in the right place to make your dream come true. Make sure to familiarize each and every questions to increase the chance of passing the Licensure Examinations for Teachers (LET).

GENERAL  EDUCATION (Elementary and Secondary) Coverage

  • English (Study and Thinking Skills, Writing in the Discipline, Speech and Oral Communication, Philippine Literature, Master Works of the World)
  • Filipino (Komunikasyon sa Akademikonh Filipino, Pagbasa at Pagsulat tungo sa Pananaliksik, Masining na Pagpapahayag)
  • Mathematics (Fundamentals of Math, Plane Geometry, elementary Algebra, Statistics and Probability)
  • Science (Biological Science - General Biology, Physical Science-with Earth Science)
  • Social Sciences (Philippine Government and New Constitution with Human Rights, Philippine History, Basic Economics, Taxation, Agrarian Reform, Society, Culture with Family Planning, Rizal and other heroes, Philosophy of Man, Arts, General Psychology, Information and Communication Technology)

Practice Exam Test Questions

Choose the letter of the best answer in each questions.

1. Determine the midpoint of the line segment joining the points (5,-3) and (-1,6).

A. (2,3/2)

B. (2,-3/2)

C. (3,3/2)

D. (1,5/2)


Option A

2. The legs of one right triangle are 9 and 12, while those of another right triangle are 12 and 16. How much longer is the perimeter of the larger triangle than the perimeter of the smaller triangle?

A. 84

B. 7

C. 12

D. 14


Option C

3. Give the value of a, if the statement is 4ab = 20 and b = 5.

A. 4

B. 2

C. 1

D. 3


Option C

4. How do you determine the total length of the clothing materials if there are 7 2/10 meters and 15 4/5 meters available?

A. 23 m

B. 18 ¼ m

C. 18 m

D. 18 ½ m


Option A

5. Hacienda Dos was to be divided among 22 tenants. Each tenant will be rewarded 6 hectares each. What was the area of Hacienda Dos?

A. 142 hectares

B. 122 hectares

C. 152 hectares

D. 132 hectares


Option D

6. Which process occurs when dry ice, CO2 (s) is changed into CO2 (g)?

A. Decomposition

B. Evaporation

C. Condensation

D. Sublimation


Option D

7. What must be employed to continuously strengthen a school guidance program?

A. Assignment of responsibilities

B. Research

C. Evaluation

D. Program planning


Option B

8. The first day of June is a Saturday. What day will the last day of June be?

A. Sunday

B. Monday

C. Thursday

D. Friday


Option A

9. In the count of Monte Cristo, Edmond Dante was wrongfully imprisoned in:

A. The Castle of Chillon

B. The Devil’s Island

C. The Alcatraz

D. The Bastille


Option B

10. A change in the shape of size of an object can be classified as:

A. Chemical change

B. Nuclear change

C. Physical change

D. Mechanical change


Option C

11. All of the following correctly describes the ballad, except:

A. A ballad is a narrative poem

B. A ballad uses dialogue

C. A ballad often rhymes a, b, c, d

D. A ballad often uses learned language


Option C

12. “He is the black sheep in the family.” Which figure of speech is used?

A. Simile

B. Metaphor

C. Hyperbole

D. Synonym


Option B

13. A good writer supports his generalizations with __________ examples.

A. Concrete

B. Unfamiliar

C. Convenient

D. Abstract


Option A

14. “Values education is integrated in the curriculum of all levels.” Which of the following supports this statement?

A. Additional classroom will be needed

B. New teachers will be hired

C. Values education is stressed in all subjects at all levels

D. There is a need for training of teachers to teach


Option C

15. “Once I passed through a populous city imprinting my brain for future use with its shows, architecture, customs, and traditions. Yet now, of all that city I remember only a woman I casually met who detained me for love of me.” This passage is an example of:

A. Free verse

B. Blank verse

C. Metered poetry

D. Prose


Option A

16. Whose values are most evident in children before they go to school?

A. Mother-father value system

B. The maid or yaya value

C. Peer value system

D. Teacher-classmate value system


Option A

17. A value of the expression 3xy + 5y + 7 when x = 2 and y = 3 is:

A. 50

B. 42

C. 36

D. 34


Option C

18. If a function is defined by the set of orders pairs (1,2), (2,4), (3,8), (4,16), (5,Y) then the value of Y is:

A. 32

B. 20

C. 10

D. 25


Option A

19. Noise can be a pollution of the air. When is it a nuisance?

A. Noise caused by percussion affects hearing

B. Sound waves can be destructive to the ear

C. Noise above 140 dB cause pain in the eardrum

D. Decibels (dB) can be loud or soft


Option C

20. Because the moon rotates on its axis at the same time as it _______ around the earth, we see the same side always.

A. Revolves

B. Revolve

C. Is revolving

D. Has been revolving


Option A

21. She wrote a “first-rate” report. What does it say about the report?

A. Run-of-the-mill

B. Ordinary

C. Ordinary

D. Mediocre


Option C

22. She has a penchant for blue dresses. This indicates ___________.

A. Dislike

B. Fondness

C. Avoidance

D. Strong aversion


Option B

23. “While attempting to explain the role of imitation in language acquisition, investigators studied the different aspects of language development.” An inference which parents will make from this passage is that they should:

A. Realize that their talking may over-stimulate their child’s activities

B. Be concerned when a child imitates their language

C. Should be unconcerned as imitation is too complex

D. Realizes that their child imitations may reflect several aspects of language acquisition


Option B

24. Respect and reverence is in these lines. Choose one:

A. I die just when I see the break of dawn

B. I have but one life to give

C. Have faith in Divine Providence

D. Love your country. It’s the home of your people


Option C

25. “She is a vision of feminine pulchritude.” This stands for the following except:

A. Comeliness

B. Loveliness

C. Homeliness

D. Physical Beauty


Option c

26. The line “under the bludgeoning of chance, My head is bloody but un-bowed” depicts the person’s

A. Optimism

B. Confidence

C. Courage

D. Determination


Option C

27. Shakespeare once said, “My honor is my life, both grow as one, take honor from me and my life is gone.” What is the correct interpretation for this?

A. He values life before honor

B. He values honor as much as his life

C. He prefers honor instead of life

D. His life is determined by his honor


Option B

28. Thomas Carlyle said “The man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder – a waif...” It could be interpreted as ___________.

A. Direction can never come into one’s life

B. One’s life doesn’t need to be controlled

C. There should be a strong driving force in one’s life

D. There should be sufficient energy in one’s life


Option C

29. Mr. Biton calls for a meeting and tells the parents to buy big pencils and crayons for their children. Which of the following reasons best justifies his action?

A. Big pencils and crayons can be used for a Big pencils and crayons will help them developed their muscles

B. long time

C. Muscles of young children are not yet fully developed

D. Young children could write and draw well with big pencils and crayons


Option A

30. Students are assigned homework. How does the teacher manage to check all assignments?

A. Assign group to counter check student’s works

B. Disregard and proceed to a new lesson

C. Collect assignments after class

D. Assign group leaders check


Option C

31. How do people react to a boring lectures or even committee hearings? They usually:

A. Clap loud and cheer

B. Keep quiet and listen

C. Normally jeer

D. Walk out in disgust


Option B

32. A field commander gave his orders. He meant to drop previous order. Which message was heard?

A. Delete! Delete!

B. Over! Over!

C. Repeat! Repeat!

D. Negative! Delete!


Option D

33. What is implied about the place of our country in technology?

A. Filipinos are at par with any country in I.T.

B. Filipinos score behind in computers

C. Filipinos are abreast in I.T.

D. Filipinos have to learn more from Singapore


Option A

34. Loss of qualified teachers going abroad is one type of ___________.

A. Unemployment

B. Migration

C. Brain drain

D. Employment


Option C

35. Ako’y nangangakong matatapos sa isang karera. Siya’y kasama sa:

A. Siya’y hawak ang malamig na bakal

B. Ospital sa panganganak ng asawa

C. Gustong magsuot ng toga isang araw

D. Isang rally sa EDSA


Option C

36. Ang kagawaran nang pang-ibang bansa ay gulong-gulo kapag may giyera sa ibang bansa. Ano ang unang ginagampanan ng Ambassador sa Basa:

A. Bayaang masipag-uwian sa sariling sikap ang bawat isa

B. Alamin ang mga tirahan ng mga Filipino sa bayang iyon

C. Ipunin ang mga maykaya at ipalipad pauwi

D. Bilangin ang mga lalaki


Option B

37. Ang mahalagang katangiang dapat taglayin ng isang tao ay ang pagtitiwala sa sarili, ang wala nito ay magiging mahiyain, ibinababa ang kanyang sarili, mahirap magtagumpay sa kanyang mga hangarin at mananatiling naiinggit lamang. Ang pangunahing kaisipan ay matatagpuan sa:

A. Ikaapat na pangungusap

B. Ikatlong pangungusap

C. Ikalawang pangungusap

D. Unang pangungusap


Option D

38. Health officials advised mothers about preservatives used in vegetables. Which advice should be followed to ensure safe vegetables?

A. Soak the vegetables in cold ice

B. Wash the vegetables very well

C. Put vegetables in freezers

D. Wrap the vegetables in newspapers


Option B

39. Ano ang tawag sa mga tanong na tulad ng sumusunod: “Ang bahay ay paligid ng espada, ano ito?

A. Dikreto

B. Bugtong

C. Salaysay

D. Tula


Option B

40. Maternity leaves are extended to women. What legal provision extends this?

A. Article XIII Sec 14 Women

B. Article XIV Education

C. Article XII Bill of rights

D. Article XIII Role & Right of People’s Organization


Option A

41. Ang saging kailanman ay di magbubunga ng santol. Ang salawikain ay nagpapahiwatig na:

A. Walang mababago ang anoman

B. Ang bunga ng isang kahoy ay galing sa sariling lahi

C. Walang bungang di galing sa sariling puno

D. Maaaring magbunga ng bayabas ang isang punong santol


Option C

42. Paano nalaman ang mga talaisipan at saloobin ng mga matanda ng panahon?

A. Pamamagitan ng kartilya

B. Pamamagitan ng kuwento ng mga lola

C. Pamamagitan ng sulat sa buho

D. Pamamagitan ng awit at verso


Option B

43. A blind mother was allowed to work in a place where her fingers could be productive. Why is this possible?

A. Blind individuals are discouraged from begging

B. The disabled and handicapped are given equal protection of the law

C. Disabled person are given special attention

D. Blind individuals can still be productive


Option B

44. It has been establish by scientists that when mechanical work is done what can be observed increase in:

A. Its temperature

B. Both its internal energy and temperature

C. Its internal energy

D. Its temperature but not its internal energy


Option B

45. Foreign students in Philippine International schools are required courses in Philippine culture and languages. This makes possible:

A. Provides comparison of cultural difference

B. Promotion of nationalism

C. Allows racial prejudice among foreigners

D. International understanding


Option D

46. In teaching, devices have been classified as hardware and software. Which is a software of these computer terms?

A. Data

B. Program

C. Byte

D. Information


Option B

47. A young girl left her baby at the household of a monastery. The child grew up without knowing her mother and father. What right is deprived of the child?

A. Self defense

B. Survival trait

C. Self assertion

D. Denial trait


Option C

48. Alin ang babala na dapat sundin ng mga mamamayan?

A. Gawin ang paghihiwalay ng mga basura

B. Itapon ang basura sa Pasig

C. Bayaran ang buwis para ang basura ay hakutin

D. Itapon ang basura sa tabing dagat


Option A

49. A child was turned over to an orphanage requesting confidentiality of her parents. One day, the child demanded the full disclosure of her mother’s name. She went to court. What was the right asserted in this case?

A. Right of an individual to proper identity

B. Right of parents to keep the confidentiality of the child’s parental name

C. Right of individual to have real mother

D. Right of individual to have parents


Option A

50. Children of obese parents have natural tendencies to be obese. Doctors advise parents on maintaining the right weight of children age 0-12 by:

A. Giving balance diets with accompanying exercise

B. Reducing milk intake

C. Encouraging more intake of soda drinks

D. Reducing intake of chocolates, candies and pastries


Option A