This is the Multiple Choice Questions in Professional Education part 1 as one coverage of Licensure Examinations for Teachers (LET). The exam is divided into two classifications. First is the elementary level exam which covers topics from General Education (GenEd) 40% and Professional Education (ProfEd) 60%. Secondly is the secondary level which covers GenEd 20%, ProfEd 40% and area of specialization 40%. I assume you are looking for a reviewer that will help you achieve your goal to become a professional License teacher very soon. Yes, you are in the right place to make your dream come true. Make sure to familiarize each and every questions to increase the chance of passing the Licensure Examinations for Teachers (LET).

GENERAL EDUCATION (Elementary and Secondary) Coverage
  • English (Study and Thinking Skills, Writing in the Discipline, Speech and Oral Communication, Philippine Literature, Master Works of the World)
  • Filipino (Komunikasyon sa Akademikonh Filipino, Pagbasa at Pagsulat tungo sa Pananaliksik, Masining na Pagpapahayag)
  • Mathematics (Fundamentals of Math, Plane Geometry, elementary Algebra, Statistics and Probability)
  • Science (Biological Science - General Biology, Physical Science-with Earth Science)
  • Social Sciences (Philippine Government and New Constitution with Human Rights, Philippine History, Basic Economics, Taxation, Agrarian Reform, Society, Culture with Family Planning, Rizal and other heroes, Philosophy of Man, Arts, General Psychology, Information and Communication Technology)

Practice Exam Test Questions

Choose the letter of the best answer in each questions.

1. Di katakataka na ilang pulis a hinihiling kasangkot sa pagpalaganap ng krimen. Ano ang kahulugan ng kasangkot?

A. Kabalikat

B. Kabilang

C. Kasabwat

D. Kasama-sama


Option C

2. Ang di niya makalimutan ay isang ____ ng anak niya bago umalis pa Amerika.

A. Pagaako

B. Pagaako

C. Paaako

D. Pangako


Option D

3. Ang swimming pool is an equilateral triangle in shape. One side is 11 meters. How many meters are needed o enclose he pool?

A. 55 meters

B. 45 meters

C. 44 meters

D. 33 meters


Option D

4. Water is rationed in a village every other day. The truck tanks deliver 8 tons of water to 10 houses. How many tons of water was delivered in 4 days o each house by the agent?

A. 3.2 tons

B. 320 tons

C. 40 tons

D. 80 tons


Option A

5. Mrs. Alice’s bathroom has to be covered with tiles. The edge of the bathroom needs a rubberize tile. If the tub is 2.3 meters long and 1.8 wide, how many meters of rubberized tiles are required?

A. 9.2 meters

B. 8.2 meters

C. 4.6 meters

D. 2.3 meters


Option B

6. An executive office has to be carpeted. The area is 3m by 4m the carpet costs P1,000.00 per square meter. How much will be spent for the purchase of the carpet?

A. P120,000.00

B. P10,000.00

C. P12,000.00

D. P1,000.00


Option C

7. Write this ratio in its simplest form: 3 Cm to 20 cm

A. 20.3

B. 20.30

C. 30.20

D. 3.20


Option D

8. The Department of Health allow as sale of drugs and medicine after thorough laboratory test. Which of those drugs is discouraged for use because of its component?

A. Vitamin A and B

B. Tea and sugar syrup

C. Bangkok pills

D. None syrup


Option C

9. Food markets are encouraged to handle cooked food well. One incident in a wedding party sent hundreds of guest to the hospital. It was found out that the food

A. Was left uncovered

B. Was half cooked

C. Had ptomaine poison

D. Was contaminated with dysentery bacteria


Option D

10. Similar eruptions of volcanoes have affected lives in Zambales. Relief and evacuation were managed by the Red Cross in Mindanao, specify in:

A. Taal Volcano

B. Mayon Volcano

C. Hibok-hibok

D. Mt. Halcon


Option C

11. Modern science has used technology to help determine illness. A child bumped and fell his head hitting a concenter pavement. Which medical approach will determine the status of the cranial accident?

A. Submit the child to chest X-ray

B. Submit the child to cranial X-ray

C. Submit the child to cranial scanning

D. Open up and so surgical operation


Option B

12. The city government of Metro Manila had been closing and raiding night spots. What is the basic reason of the campaign?

A. Many homes are destroyed by these night clubs

B. The values of the young affected by these clubs

C. The fast spread of HIV and AIDS are traced to these places

D. These spots are areas of crimes


Option B

13. In the Philippine government, the earliest and smallest service of governance is the.

A. Manucipality

B. Poblacion

C. Barangay

D. Barrio


Option C

14.Personal income tax should be paid and filed every year by employees and corporation. Who among the group are exempt from filling income tax returns?

A. Government employees on daily, contractual and consultation basis

B. Government employees receiving less than P 18,000.00 per year

C. Retired government employees receiving only pensions

D. Overseas workers


Option C

15. Protests from inhabitants close to dumping sites of Metro Manila waste arises from some observe factors. The most serious of which is:

A. Presence of human being dumped in the sites

B. Unlimited seepage of waste into the water shads

C. Presence of files and mosquitoes

D. Noise pollutants from garbage trucks


Option C

16. Philippine eagles are identified as rare species. Lately, in Davao more eagles were raised through.

A. Catching eagles are raised them in cages

B. Artificial insemination through fertilized eggs

C. Incubating eggs from their nests

D. Putting up eagle farms under the Bureau of Wildlife


Option B

17. Scientific attitudes require of learners accuracy and verification of data. Which manifestation in observed in experienced?

A. Objectivity

B. Rationality

C. Curiosity

D. Critical mindedness


Option A

18. The proper disposal of garbage has improved the environment. The best process ]of handling waste is through:

A. Utilization of organic compounds

B. Burning non-biodegradable

C. Emerging waste soluble waste

D. Recycling biodegradable waste


Option D

19. The nervous system has its specific function. Which is the closest function?

A. The spinal cord links the finger tips to the brain

B. Impulses transmit messages to the brain by electrical signal

C. Human body activities are all in the nervous system

D. The nervous system defends most on the brain


Option C

20. A provincial governor was convicted for using prisoners to build his summer resort. What should the prisoner demands?

A. The right to refuse the job

B. The right to vote

C. The right to live in standard rooms

D. The right to just compensation


Option D

21. A priest gave all his possessions to disabled children. What right may they claim?

A. Right to just treatment

B. Right to proper treatment

C. Right of disable to equal treatment

D. Right to disabled to equal protection


Option C

22. The case of farmers in Sumilao, Bukidnon was won by the landowner. How was the case decided by the Supreme Court?

A. Final judgment was made because of political pressure

B. The farmers were paid beforehand

C. The farmers were landholders of a farm

D. Final judgment was made after it was established that the farmers were not legitimate holders of titles of the land.


Option D

23. A peace officer opens the house of a drug pusher. The drug pusher complained on thepolice officer’s actuation because he alleged that:

A. He was not around when the incident happened

B. The officer had no warrant of arrest

C. The officer was armed

D. The right for privacy was violated


Option D

24. A candidate was detained for working against a dominant political party. Which right can be invoked?

A. Right to his political beliefs

B. Right to his aspirations

C. Right to seek redness

D. Right o vote according o one’s conscience


Option A

25. The entry of data and commands into the computer system is made possible through the:

A. Keyboard

B. Diskette

C. Printer

D. Monitor


Option A

26. Which of the following values is CLOSEST o the square root of 4000?

A. 63

B. 200

C. 22

D. 19


Option A

27. The arithmetic mean of a set of 50 meters is 38. If two numbers 45 and 35 are discarded, the mean of the remaining set of numbers is:

A. 37.24

B. 37.5

C. 37.0

D. 36.5


Option C

28. If 5x>0 which of the following must be TRUE?

A. II only

B. II and III

C. I and II

D. I only


Option B

29. If P is a positive integer in the equation 12p=q, then q must be a:

A. Positive even integer

B. Negative even integer

C. Positive odd integer

D. Negative odd integer


Option A

30. Ikaw ba ang dapat sisihin sa nangyari?

A. Pagsasadula

B. Pagbati

C. Pagbibigay ng impormasyon

D. Pakikipagkapwa


Option C

31. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang pinakatamang pangungusap?

A. Ang mga bataan sa lansangan ay naglalaro at nagtatakbuhan sa lansangan

B. Ang mga kabataan ay naglalaro at nagtatakbuhan sa lansangan kung maliwanag ang gabi

C. Ang mga kabataan ay naglalaro kung maliwanagang buwan at nagtakbuhan sa lansanngan

D. Ang mga kabataan kung maliwanag ang buwan ay nagtatakbuhan sa lansangan at naglalaro


Option B

32. Kabaliwan at paglulustay ang iyong ginagawa taun-taon. Higit na marami ang maralitang nangailangan ng salapi at duong. Ang nagsasalita ay –

A. Maramot

B. Praktikal

C. Matipid

D. Kuripot


Option B

33. Piliin ang gawi pagsasalita: Ayokong sumunod sa mga sinasabi mo.

A. Babala

B. Pagtanggi

C. Pagtanggi

D. Pamungkahi


Option B

34. Ikinalulunkot ko ang mga nangyayari.

A. Pagsagot

B. Pagtanong

C. Panghula

D. Paghingi ng


Option D

35. Ipinagmamalaki mo siya, BAHAG naman pala ANG kanyang BUNTOT. Ang ibig sabihin ng may malaking itik ay.

A. Mahiyain

B. Traidor

C. Kuripot

D. Duwag


Option D

36. What is the range of the following: 86, 70, 83, 90, 85, 78, 79, 81, 87.

A. 12

B. 15

C. 16

D. 20


Option D

37. Which of the following audio-visual sets of equipment can best project visual materials in a classroom that is difficult to darken?

A. Filmstrips

B. Color materials

C. Opaque projector

D. Overhead projector


Option C

38. Change the following percents o decimals: 23%, 5%, 3%, 3.5%.

A. 2.3, 500, .30, 30.5

B. .23, 0.05, .03, 0.035

C. .23, 05, .003, .035

D. .023, 5.00, 3.0, 03.5


Option C

39. If the scores of 10 students are: 76, 80, 75, 83, 80, 79, 85, 80, 88,, 90, the mode is

A. 79

B. 85

C. 80

D. 88


Option C

40. A vehicle consumes one liter of gasoline o travel 10 kilometers. After a tune-up, I travels 15% farther on one liter. To the nearest tenth, how many liters of gasoline will it take for the vehicle o travel 230 kilometers?

A. 23 liters

B. 20 liters

C. 23.15 liters

D. 20.15 liters


Option B

41. If each of the five members in a basketball team shakes hands with every other member of the team before the game starts, how many handshakes will there be in all?

A. 8

B. 10

C. 6

D. 9


Option B

42. How many twenty thousand are there in one million?

A. 500

B. 50

C. 100

D. 1000


Option B

43. What is 1/5 called a unit fraction?

A. The unit is less than one

B. The number 5 is the denominator

C. I is between 0 and 1, the basic unit

D. Unit fractions have 1 as the numerator


Option A

44. A rectangle has sides of 10 and 12 units. How can the area of a square be computed if it has the same perimeter as the rectangle?

A. Add 10 and 12, double the sum, divide by 4, then multiply by 4

B. Add 10 and 12, double the sum, divide by 4, then multiply by

C. Add 10 and 12, double the sum, divide by 4, then square the quotient

D. Add 10 and 12, double the sum, the multiply by 4


Option C

45. Rabies comes from dog and other bites. How could this prevented?

A. Tie the dogs at all times

B. Keep the dogs in cage

C. Kill the dog that bites

D. Have the dog vaccinated with anti-rabies


Option D

46. A father was misunderstood by his teenage boy because:

A. The father abhorred and mistook modernization as being fresh

B. The father imposed on his values on courting and marriage

C. The father did not understand the teenage values on dating

D. The father could not tolerate a live-in arrangement of his son.


Option B

47. The death of the kidnapped victims by the terrorists was considered:

A. A deviation from protocol

B. A revenge for atrocities of civilians

C. A neglect of priorities

D. An affront o the leadership


Option C

48. Voting is a privilege in a democracy. Those who are deprived their votes are normally.

A. Franchised

B. Exiled

C. Disenfranchised

D. Execute


Option C

49. How do countries register dislike or disagreement of another country’s discussion through diplomatic means?

A. File a diplomatic protest

B. Recall all its nations

C. Declare war immediately

D. Retaliate by arresting nationals of other country


Option A

50. How did recipient of operation title transfer react to taxation?

A. They wanted the landlords to pay taxes

B. Assessment of transfer titles are recognized by local offices

C. Cooperatives do not explain the tenants role on taxation

D. Paying taxes was obviously not the land owners concern


Option D