This is the Multiple Choice Questions in Professional Education part 1 as one coverage of Licensure Examinations for Teachers (LET). The exam is divided into two classifications. First is the elementary level exam which covers topics from General Education (GenEd) 40% and Professional Education (ProfEd) 60%. Secondly is the secondary level which covers GenEd 20%, ProfEd 40% and area of specialization 40%. I assume you are looking for a reviewer that will help you achieve your goal to become a professional License teacher very soon. Yes, you are in the right place to make your dream come true. Make sure to familiarize each and every questions to increase the chance of passing the Licensure Examinations for Teachers (LET).

PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION (Elementary and Secondary) Coverage

  • Teaching Profession, Social Dimensions of Education
  • Principles of Teaching, Educational Technology, Curriculum Development
  • Facilitating Learning, Child and Adolescent Development
  • Assessment of Student Learning, Developmental Reading
  • Field Study, Practice Teaching

Practice Exam Test Questions

Choose the letter of the best answer in each questions.

1. The Philippines and the other nation’s health are well ministered by an organization. Which is mentioned for this?


B. World Health Organization

C. United Arabs

D. United nations


Option B

2. The Supreme Court approved a bidding to dispose of waste legally. The opposition was against it because of__________.

A. burying waste

B. biodegradable segregation

C. incineration of waste

D. separating plastic and paper


Option C

3. Chicken pox usually occurs in August. At what stage is it very contagious?

A. when wound are peeling off

B. when wound has swollen

C. when all wounds have disappeared

D. during the first week


Option A

4. The school physician diagnosed children in inner towns suffering from night blindness. He prescribed the taking in of

A. vitamin C

B. iron sulfate

C. potassium

D. vitamin B12


Option C

5. Cleaning of school premises is a part of school cleanliness. What is the best time to conduct ground improved

A. 7:15 AM

B. 7:15 AM

C. retardation in speech

D. defective hearing


Option A

6. Julia’s mother had German measles when she was carrying Julia in her womb. Which of these physical appearance shows the effect on the child?

A. blindness

B. defective sight

C. retardation in speech

D. defective hearing


Option A

7. In order to lose the mother’s teeth what is encouraged ion their diet?

A. iron

B. fat

C. carbohydrates

D. vitamins


Option D

8. During a class in gardening one boy was bitten by a snake. What is the best first aid?

A. tie a band around the wound

B. wash the wound with soap and water

C. pound garlic and spread it over the wound

D. tie of band above the bite


Option D

9. A child saw an incident of killing in school. The authorities could not compel the child to go to court. What should be present to allow the child to testify?

A. consent of the trying judge

B. consent of the school principal

C. consent of the classroom teacher

D. Consent of the parent to testify and participate


Option D

10. The government wants a piece of private land of government project. The owner resisted the government’s demand. How may the government own the land?

A. right of eminent domain

B. right of government ownership

C. right of habeas corpus

D. right of sovereign over the governed


Option A

11. A radio station was padlocked after midnight broadcast. The operator accused the authorities of

A. suppression of the right to express one’s views

B. suppression of the freedom of religion

C. suppression of rights to justice

D. suppression of the freedom of speech


Option D

12. A man served his sentence for 8 years, although he was sentenced 20 years imprisonment. What did the man enjoy?

A. a computation of years

B. a pardon

C. total freedom

D. a parole


Option D

13. A family built his house in an inner piece of land. He was not allowed to go through a neighbor’s yard. He was accused of trespassing private property. The law allows such passage under the

A. right of travel

B. right of way

C. right of homeowners

D. right of eminent domain


Option D

14. A child after birth has a right to a name. This is actually

A. a right for just treatment

B. a right for survival

C. a right to suffrage

D. a right to his identity


Option D

15. Mr. Son was born as a Chinese national. He wants to run as a congressman. He was naturalized at age 18. can he run for congressional seat?

A. Yes, because he was naturalized citizen

B. Yes, because he is a citizen

C. No, because naturalized citizen can’t run to congress


Option A

16. A child was born to a couple before the marriage of one. Now, he demands for a share his inheritance. How he will be classified?

A. natural born

B. adopted child

C. illegitimate child

D. legitimate child


Option D

17. There are military confrontations in some parts of the Philippines. How does the government address the situation?

A. declare cease fire

B. declare amnesty for all

C. negotiate with representatives of both panels

D. declare war zones


Option C

18. The Philippines pride itself as the first presiding officers of the United Nation. Who was the personality?

A. General Romulo

B. Ambassador Elizalde

C. Ambassador Maceda

D. General Yan


Option A

19. In order to avoid conflict with China what does the Philippines involve in terms of Spratly Island?

A. Laws of territorial boundaries

B. Laws in the sea limits

C. Territorial supremacy

D. Laws of immigration


Option A

20. Under what conditions are American forces admitted to Philippines conflict areas?

A. visiting training force

B. economic support forces

C. advance force

D. recovery teams


Option A

21. Why are barangay chairman assigned to settle barangay cases?

A. They know all the residents

B. They are competent judges

C. They have training

D. They have biases


Option A

22. Who registered gladness and peace because of the access to education in the Afghanistan War?

A. Children

B. Widows

C. Women

D. War heroes


Option C

23. A fish dealer received a truckload of fish. He found some not marketable. What do you think was his decisions?

A. cook the spoiled fish and distribute it to neighbors

B. choose the good ones and eliminate the spoiled ones

C. sell the whole load

D. color the fish and display once again


Option B

24. A maid is continuously molested by a son of a rich landlord. What must the landlord do to protect the maid?

A. terminate the services of the maid

B. warn the son of his acts

C. report the case to the policeman

D. lock the maid in her room


Option B

25. The son of a principal wants to be the valedictorian of a class. What should the principal do to avoid criticism?

A. Assist the son in his class preparation and participation in school activities

B. Transfer the brighter student to a lower section

C. Calls the rival and give an stern warning

D. Confront the teachers on the son’s grade


Option A

26. Jose Rizal faced the firing squad in Bagumbayan. This is a true practice of

A. cowardice

B. esplonage

C. patriotism

D. treachery


Option C

27. A subordinate could not take the insults his superior does on him daily. What does this relationship indicate?

A. subordinates feeling are valueless

B. subordinates should be taken as slave

C. the value of respect for another is prevailing

D. superiors are superior


Option C

28. A cabinet secretary has a child another woman. He appoints this child as an office clerk. What does he violate by such act?

A. favoritism

B. bigamy

C. hepotism

D. careerism


Option C

29. Cooperatives are very helpful to farmers especially in irrigation of rice field. This is evident when

A. members are accountable for their fellow members credit lines

B. members pay their dues after three harvests

C. members take turn in getting water ration

D. non-members are deprived of water


Option C

30. When the goods bought are less than the usual volume from a certain amount. There is noted

A. inflation

B. economic crisis

C. artificial money hoarding

D. recession


Option A

31. The world market has enjoyed entrance of goods in all countries. As far as meat is concerned

A. farmers meat are not saleable

B. farmers are competitive

C. farmers set back is so great to recover

D. farmers thrive because of cooperatives


Option B

32. Very lately, Philippine mangroves were exported to Australia, but a new country has produced more quality mangoes and mango products. This is in

A. Singapore

B. Indonesia

C. Korea

D. Thailand


Option B

33. New techniques in food production are learned through

A. television modules

B. barangay forum

C. editorial and cartoons

D. radio comment


Option B

34. Free trade means_________

A. level of taxing is mutual between countries

B. goods are all imported

C. goods are come in untaxed

D. farmers thrived are because of cooperatives


Option A

35. Observation has been made that big loans that are hardly paid up come from

A. World banks

B. Union banks

C. Central banks

D. Japanese banks


Option A

36. The government’s approach to avoid low prices of products during harvest is through

A. organizing cooperatives among farmers

B. putting up bonded warehouse

C. giving business capital to farmers

D. exchange of products


Option A

37. Chinese traders taught early Filipinos the value of honesty. They did it_________.

A. they allowed traders to issue post dated checks

B. through lending money at a high percentage

C. they left goods for barter and required to receipts

D. they demanded deposits for good purchased


Option A

38. Many observe that ___________.

A. rich countries abuse their power

B. countries that are economically stable are greedy

C. countries with no economic problems become world leader

D. countries with poor economy are subservient to the rich


Option D

39. Democracy recognizes the equality of man and women. Name a country where women are not afforded higher education?

A. Argentina

B. Pakistan

C. United States

D. Palestine


Option B

40. Squatters according to law cannot be ejected for their present places of residence unless

A. there is livelihood in the relocation place

B. there are paid for their old houses

C. they are assured a place to go

D. they are give n disturbance fees


Option A

41. What has made world business fast?

A. radio network

B. news prints

C. modern technology

D. computers


Option C

42. What is the nearest Asian language in Filipino?

A. British, English

B. Chinese, mandarin

C. Malaysia, Bahasa

D. Japanese, Nipongo


Option C

43. Philippine economy is measured through_______

A. borrowing rates

B. the rise and fall of dollar exchange rates

C. inflation rates

D. lending rates


Option B

44. Trade is fast when the________

A. figures explain the products

B. translation of labels are done well

C. language used is well understood

D. illustrations are used in the labels


Option C

45. Which group is identified with common aspirations. They are

A. Ethnic group

B. Alien forces

C. Natives

D. Foreign investors


Option A

46. The housing programs for all of these years did not succeed because

A. squatters are spoiled by politicians

B. squatters sell their allotted houses to merchant

C. squatters return to the squatters area

D. squatting is a form of livelihood


Option C

47. What has solved the caste and social strata system in the Philippine society?

A. Schools in every barangay

B. Barangay empowerment

C. Schools for the handicapped

D. Barangay high schools opened


Option A

48. Arabian dignitaries have a way of greeting friend. This is through_________

A. Hand crip

B. Embrace

C. Polar to palm

D. Hand shake


Option B

49. The Philippines lies in the region where many volcanoes are active. This region is known as _____.

A. Wheel of Fire

B. Ring of fire

C. Volcanic Rim

D. Archipelagic Fault Line


Option B

50. Which scientist paved the way for modern exploration by advancing the theory that planets revolve around the sun ?

A. Ptolemy

B. Aristotle

C. Copernicus

D. Harvey


Option C