After passing the board exam, what will be your next move? Most of the passers are very energetic to find a job right after the exam. Though this is a good thing, I will never recommend being too fast in your phase.

Passing the board exam does not mean you need to hurry things and all. Why not take a break and relax first, after all you needed to reward yourself for being such a success. Indeed you need to get back the sleepless nights, the stress you collected before the exam.

I am telling you this because this has been my experience before (lol). As a board passer and as an energetic young adult, I hurried things for myself and ended up getting sickly. After passing the board exam, I immediately looked for a job that is not in line with my profession. I ended up getting very thin because of the schedule my work has for me. I only worked three months in that said company. (it’s not my forte in the first place)

I am not telling you to stop looking for work immediately after passing the board exam. What I am trying to share to you is don’t hurry things. It will come to you the natural way. Chill out first and don’t be too hurry. If you are a professional passer, you can have a job that suits for you later on.

Passing the board exam does not mean you need to acquire work in an instant. Life is always a cycle of ups and downs and this is how the world works. The same goes with us as we tend to jump in another chapter of our lives. If you are a new passer reading this now, take time to ponder and plan your next moves. Don’t hurry things over.