Not passing the board exam does not mean you are not smart

Not passing the board exam does not mean you are not smart. It does not mean you are unlucky either. Here are the real things you need to understand when you did not pass the board exam.

1. Some exam takers think that they are dumb because they did not pass it at one attempt. No you are not dumb. Remember that even the smartest person could have the chance of not passing the board exam. There is no smart or dumb in this issue. You have to point the factors that caused you not passing the board exam. Sometimes these reasons could affect your performance:

(family problems, illness, financial issues depression, etc.)

2. The date of the exam may not be your lucky date. The possibilities are, the odds may not be on your favor on the day of the exam. Try to think the positive way. The more chance you will pass the next attempt you have.

3. Some exam takers neglect to follow the general instructions during the board exam. Not following instruction will result to failure. This is always the reminder of our teachers and reviewers before during my time. You need to always read and understand instructions before you answer or else you will fail.

4. Consider yourself still lucky to overcome the obstacles. It is okay not to pass the board exam. There are still so many times you can still try next attempts. Try and try until you succeed. Remember winner never quits and quitter never wins. 

Not passing the board exam does not mean it is the end of your world. It depends on how string your faith in yourself and your confidence. Perseverance and prayer will help you attain your aim in the long run. We all have our own ups and down and we have different phases in life. Yours may still be on the way and God is preparing you for it.