10 effective tips to pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers

The reason for taking the board examination is that when you pass the exams, you finally have the license and can practice legally in the profession you’ve studied for. But how to pass the examinations? Taking the exams has no assurance, but you are still inclined to take the exams because you want a stable job. Are there any effective tips to pass the exams? Based on my experience, here are some effective tips on passing the board exams, especially for new takers:

1.  Before taking the examinations, I enrolled in a well-known school that had a high number of LET pass rates and held a Saturday review for LET takers. The school had provided LET takers with handouts to ensure that they had something to read from Monday through Friday.

2. Aside from the school’s handouts, I purchased my own reviewers at the national book store so that I would have some to read. But this time, you can purchase it online. Remember, if you want to pass the exams, be resourceful.

3. From Monday to Friday, I did not skip time for a self-review. I need to find time to absorb all I’ve studied. I chose dawn to focus on my studies from 2 am to 6 am. Don’t overburden yourself. Only review when your mind is prepared.

4. Attending a nighttime party with your friends is not a good idea. Sleep early at 7 pm or 8 pm so that your mind will be ready for the 2 am–6 am study. Self-discipline is very important.

5. I was taking my vitamins and memory supplements to ensure that I didn’t forget what I’d learned.

6. I offered all of my worries to the Lord by praying frequently.

7. The night before the exams, many friends advised me not to study within my scheduled time of 2 am–6 am because I would be crammed and no new information would be absorbed in my mind. Simply unwind and prepare the things needed for the examinations. However, I never heeded their advice. I keep on reading or reviewing.

8. Throughout the exams, I limited how much food I ate and how much water I drank in order to avoid having to use the restroom as frequently. I also used energy drinks to help me get through the day of examinations.

9. Don’t rush into anything. Don’t go too quickly or too slowly. Before you write your final answer, read it twice or three times. Make sure you’re confident in your response. Don’t leave any numbers without answers in your answer sheets.

10. When you’ve finished, and still have the time, utilize the remaining time by reviewing your answers.

These are the most important points to remember if you wish to pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers or any board examination. Remember, some LET takers were able to pass the exam because of their prior knowledge and understanding of the test.