Techniques on how to correctly answer the test questions during board exam

Board examinations are worrying. Exam takers get to be more nervous if they can answer the questions or not. It’s a huge burden for some.

Here, we give you the techniques on how to answer the test questions during board exam.

1. Pray first to give you the energy.

Prayer is powerful and it gives us strength.

2. Keep calm and think positive.

Don’t create a room for negativity during your exam.

3. Be very careful in reading the instructions.

Instructions before every exam play a very important role to pass it. Most of those who fail the exam neglect to read and follow the simple instructions.

4. Be mindful of the time allotment for each set of test.

Be very vigilant of the time allocation. You don’t want to get short of time.

5. Do not spend too much time on one number.

If you can’t answer one number that quick, then skip it then proceed to the next one. make sure to go over it once again after you answer all the questions. Remember to go over it once again or you will forget it.

6. Choose the best and the closest and best answer to the question if you are unsure of your answer.

Some items have answers very close to each other. You need to choose the best answer for it.

7. Do not leave a question blank. Shade it or you will forget it later.

If you find a question hard to answer, follow your instinct or skip the number and proceed to the next one. There is a possibility that you find it very hard to answer one number and the best way is to follow your instinct. Shade the answer you think is correct. Don’t leave any items blank.

8. If you finish answering the exam early, review your answers once more.

Review is very important if you finish earlier. As always mentioned above, do not leave a test question blank. Shade it.

9. Shade the circles according to the instructions.

Sometimes, improper shading will be a factor to fail. Be very careful in shading. A whole shaded circle is the accepted one.

10. Don’t pressure yourself if your seatmates are already done.

Remember that you deal only with yourself and not your seatmates. If they finish earlier, then who cares as long as you got the time, don’t get intimidated. It is you who is the master of the game.

Good luck exam takers!