This is the Multiple Choice Questions in General Education as one coverage of Licensure Examinations for Teachers (LET). The exam is divided into two classifications. First is the elementary level exam which covers topics from General Education (GenEd) 40% and Professional Education (ProfEd) 60%. Secondly is the secondary level which covers GenEd 20%, ProfEd 40% and area of specialization 40%. I assume you are looking for a reviewer that will help you achieve your goal to become a professional License teacher very soon. Yes, you are in the right place to make your dream come true. Make sure to familiarize each and every questions to increase the chance of passing the Licensure Examinations for Teachers (LET).

GENERAL  EDUCATION (Elementary and Secondary) Coverage

  • English (Study and Thinking Skills, Writing in the Discipline, Speech and Oral Communication, Philippine Literature, Master Works of the World)
  • Filipino (Komunikasyon sa Akademikonh Filipino, Pagbasa at Pagsulat tungo sa Pananaliksik, Masining na Pagpapahayag)
  • Mathematics (Fundamentals of Math, Plane Geometry, elementary Algebra, Statistics and Probability)
  • Science (Biological Science - General Biology, Physical Science-with Earth Science)
  • Social Sciences (Philippine Government and New Constitution with Human Rights, Philippine History, Basic Economics, Taxation, Agrarian Reform, Society, Culture with Family Planning, Rizal and other heroes, Philosophy of Man, Arts, General Psychology, Information and Communication Technology)

Practice Exam Test Questions

Choose the letter of the best answer in each questions.

1. In which country did the Philippines participate in the world’s peacekeeping operations by sending doctors, nurses, soldiers and police?

A. Israel

B. East Timor

C. Iraq

D. Iran


Option C

2. In which poem did Rizal write about offering one’s life for one’s country?

A. A La Juventud Filipina

B. Song of Maria Clara

C. Sa Aking mga Kabata

D. Mi Ultimo Adios


Option D

3. As an effect of our geography, in which of the following island/s do people travel mostly by water?

A. Luzon

B. Mindanao

C. Visayas

D. Visayas and Mindanao


Option C

4. As an insular country, to which principle does the Philippines adhere when it comes to territorial boundary?

A. Two hundred nautical miles of the country’s coast

B. Three hundred fifty nautical miles from shore

C. Three-mile territorial limit

D. Archipelagic doctrine


Option D

5. Which part/s of the Visayas has/have comparatively more excessively moist climate and limited arable lands?

A. Western

B. Eastern

C. Eastern and Central

D. Central and Western


Option B

6. Which follows Pres. Garcia’s “Filipino First Policy”? Filipinos

A. Should buy and consume Filipino products only

B. Should not contribute to the brain drain problem

C. Should be selective in the entry in the entry of foreign professionals in the country

D. Were to be given first preference in all matters related to the economic development of the country


Option D

7. Aside from the Philippines, which countries claim part of the Spratly islands in the South China Sea?

A. China, Thailand, Brunei, Malaysia

B. China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia

C. Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Malaysia

D. China, Thailand, Brunei, Malaysia


Option B

8. The following are our constitutional rights EXCEPT to

A. Free access to legal assistance which shall not be denied due to poverty

B. Have access to all records of the government

C. Be presumed innocent until proven guilty

D. Form association and labor unions


Option B

9. Which of the following is not a benefit of technology in education?

A. Improves critical-thinking abilities.

B. Unlimited access to games and other internet sites.

C. Allows cooperative learning.

D. Increases self-expression.


Option B

10. Which situation shows that technology can be used to motivate students to learn?

A. Teacher Eric employs educational games related to the lesson they are taking.

B. Miss Cleo designs lessons which use cooperative learning with technology integration.

C. Mr. Jimmy utilizes computer assisted instruction programs so that students will learn at their own pace.

D. Teacher Sarah assigns projects to her class where self-expression and creativity is acknowledged.


Option A

11. He is considered as the “Father of Modern Media in Education”.

A. Jean Piaget

B. Robert Gagne

C. B.F. Skinner

D. Edgar Dale


Option D

12. It is a term to denote a whole range of technologies associated with processing information and with sending and receiving messages.

A. Educational Technology

B. Information and Communication Technology

C. Media Technology

D. Instructional Systems Design


Option B

13. A methodology widely used for developing new training programs.

A. Microsoft

B. World Wide Web

C. Instructional Systems Design

D. Computer Technology


Option C

14. This is considered to be the first manual data processing device developed in China in the 12th century A.D.

A. Hieroglyphics

B. Papyrus

C. Printing Press

D. Abacus


Option D

15. He is considered to be the “Father of Computing” because of his contributions to the basic design of computer.

A. John Napier

B. William Oughtred

C. Blaise Pascal

D. Charles Babbage


Option D

16. Which is the standard input device that accepts letters, numbers and commands from the user?

A. Trackpad

B. Lightpen

C. Mouse

D. Keyboard


Option D

17. Mr. Rico carefully studies the materials he acquired from the internet. He always examines if the author is qualified to present the material. This practice is?

A. necessary to ensure that the materials are reliable.

B. unethical because he does not trust the author.

C. unnecessary because all resources from the internet are dependable.

D. just a waste of time.


Option A

18. When a teacher asks the consistency of a material taken from the internet with other available materials, he/she is concerned with its?

A. relevance

B. accuracy

C. coverage

D. currency


Option B

19. She had ILLUSIVE dreams of instant wealth.

A. Beyond comprehension

B. Moving swiftly

C. Based on false ideas

D. Tending to slip away


Option B

20. Philippine economy indicates are closely related to the rise and fall of the:

A. London pounds

B. German Mark

C. US Dollars

D. Japanese Yen


Option C

21. Watching TV is controlled by parents; children below 18 are discouraged to view this type of film.

A. Discovery in Science

B. Historical Battles and bloodshed

C. Violence and sex

D. Adolescent stories


Option C

22. The skull of a person increase in size rapidly during:

A. Puberty

B. Babyhood

C. Adolescence

D. Senescence


Option B

23. A child discovered a new formula for decreasing the population of ants. She submitted the research to a teacher who claimed the research as hers. The teacher:

A. Right to choose

B. Right to intellectual property

C. Violated human rights

D. Right to live within one’s means


Option B

24. The impeachment led Filipinos to:

A. Listen to the proceedings

B. Hate Administration trials

C. Understand the judge’s comments

D. Appreciate the democratic process of government


Option D

25. Sino ang pangulo ng Pilipinas na nagbigay ng buhay sa wikang Filipino?

A. Jose P. Laurel

B. Elpidio Quirino

C. Corazon Aquino

D. Manuel L. Quezon


Option D

26. Hindi nakayanan ng aking kaibigan ang kanyang MASALIMUOT na buhay.

A. Mahirap

B. Malabo

C. Magulo

D. Malungkot


Option C

27. Ang katumbas sa Filipino ng “national identity” ay _______.

A. Pandaigdig na pagkilala

B. Pambansang katanyagan

C. Pambayang pagkakakilala

D. Pambansang pagkakilanlan


Option D

28. Piliin ang tinutukoy ng salitang nakahilig: Nasa PANTALAN ang sasalubong sa President.

A. Airport

B. Railroad

C. Tabing dagat

D. Pier


Option D

29. Alin ang tamang babala sa pagtatapon ng basura?

A. Huwag magtapon ng basura dito

B. Dito ang tambakan ng basura

C. Huwag mag-ipon ng basura dito

D. Gamitin ang basurahan sa inyong bahay, huwag dito


Option A

30. The committee discussed the issues and everyone at the end seemed ____ to the findings.

A. Ignorant and civil

B. Reluctant to accept

C. Amendable to consider

D. Negative gets open


Option C

31. The latest discovery in animal industry is in biological science. Where was this mostly used?

A. In the cloning of cows

B. In the tissue transplant

C. In the artificial dissemination

D. In the artificial breeding of cattle


Option D

32. The opening of the cement plants requires getting a DENR clearance. Which of this clearance are required?

A. Environmental Clearance (ECC)

B. Waste disposal

C. Air pollution clearance

D. Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)


Option A

33. What is meant by this statement? The hostages are free. They paid their way!

A. The kidnap victims were free after a ransom

B. The kidnap victims family negotiated peacefully

C. No ransom was demanded of the victims

D. The kidnap victims were safe


Option A

34. The reporter was accused in court because of his news story. The story was:

A. Full of distorted facts

B. A narration of facts

C. Tainted with malice

D. Too personal to take


Option C

35. Cultural differences and signals may cause miscommunication. Normally, other families go for kissing one another. But this is taboo to some families who:

A. Disrespect to elders

B. Takes it as an affront

C. Believe its unsanitary

D. Losing virginity


Option B

36. Children are fond of pets. One time a pet dog growled and bit a child. How will the owner handle the situation?

A. Kill the dog

B. Tie the dog & feed it regularly

C. Use the dog’s brain to treat the wound

D. Allow the dog to be observed for 10-18 days before giving anti rabies injection


Option D

37. The weather bureau gave this warning during thunderstorms. Which comes first?

A. Lightning flashes first

B. Thunder follows all lightning

C. Thunder sound spread fast

D. Lightning and thunders are simultaneous


Option A

38. Local peace negotiations should be the primary concern of what office?

A. Church hierarchy

B. Philippine National Police

C. Philippine Marine SWAT force

D. Local Municipal & Provincial Executive


Option D

39. A change in the composition of a substance resulting in the formation of a new substance is called:

A. Chemical change

B. Nuclear change

C. Mechanical change

D. Physical change


Option A

40. There are 18 north maids and 12 south maids serving in a hotel. Give the ratio of the north to the entire group and express them in simple terms?

A. 3/5

B. 2/5

C. 3/2

D. 2/3


Option A

41. The Philippine National Bank soars and has used a symbol for their advertisement. It is the:

A. The hawk

B. The parrot

C. The pigeon

D. The eagle


Option D

42. Text messages are used for fast communication. What does this message mean? “Ur have to meet friends 5 AM”

A. You have to be here at 5 in the afternoon

B. You should meet your friends at five in the morning

C. You have friends to meet at five AM

D. Be there at five in the morning


Option B

43. The hostage victims were heard asking the rescuers to hold on to the fort. What was the message?

A. Disregard the peace negotiations

B. Surrender in arms

C. Rescue them fast and early

D. Keep on with the fight


Option D

44. The crimes were considered serious because the penalty was:

A. To die in jail

B. Lethal injection

C. A life sentence

D. A total exile in a foreign land


Option C

45. There are several advertisements that encourage people to take this supplement so that they can grow three to five inches more even after the age of twenty.

A. This is not possible; there is a definite pattern of growth of bones and muscles

B. This is true because of the protein content

C. This is true because of the AD would not have been allowed

D. This is not true because there are no specific individuals mentioned


Option A

46. In one drug rehabilitation center most inmates who were found deep in prohibited drugs were:

A. Children wanting of paternal love and care

B. Children who had no identity to speak up

C. Children who have so much to spend

D. Children who were lazy and vicious


Option A

47. The virus “love bug” is a technological element spread by:

A. Computer

B. Internet

C. Radio

D. Television


Option B

48. How many grams of shabu will not allow bonds for culprits?

A. 200 grams

B. 250 grams

C. 300 grams

D. 1,000 grams


Option A

49. A man imprisoned for ten years. After five years, he was found innocent. What can this man demand?

A. Compensation for the years under detention

B. Punishment of the arresting officer

C. Retaliation against the accusers

D. Sanction against the judge


Option D

50. A child left alone by her mother under the care of her stepfather. Later, the child complained of being rape. What crime was committed?

A. Child harassment

B. Rape or heinous crime

C. Sexual harassment

D. Abuse of minors or incest


Option B