This is the Multiple Choice Questions in General Education as one coverage of Licensure Examinations for Teachers (LET). The exam is divided into two classifications. First is the elementary level exam which covers topics from General Education (GenEd) 40% and Professional Education (ProfEd) 60%. Secondly is the secondary level which covers GenEd 20%, ProfEd 40% and area of specialization 40%. I assume you are looking for a reviewer that will help you achieve your goal to become a professional License teacher very soon. Yes, you are in the right place to make your dream come true. Make sure to familiarize each and every questions to increase the chance of passing the Licensure Examinations for Teachers (LET).

GENERAL  EDUCATION (Elementary and Secondary) Coverage

  • English (Study and Thinking Skills, Writing in the Discipline, Speech and Oral Communication, Philippine Literature, Master Works of the World)
  • Filipino (Komunikasyon sa Akademikonh Filipino, Pagbasa at Pagsulat tungo sa Pananaliksik, Masining na Pagpapahayag)
  • Mathematics (Fundamentals of Math, Plane Geometry, elementary Algebra, Statistics and Probability)
  • Science (Biological Science - General Biology, Physical Science-with Earth Science)
  • Social Sciences (Philippine Government and New Constitution with Human Rights, Philippine History, Basic Economics, Taxation, Agrarian Reform, Society, Culture with Family Planning, Rizal and other heroes, Philosophy of Man, Arts, General Psychology, Information and Communication Technology)

Practice Exam Test Questions

Choose the letter of the best answer in each questions.

1. A society is healthy if the citizens are healthy physically and mentally. One approach to solve mental illness is:

A. The maintenance of mental health centers

B. Isolation in asylum cases of mentally disturbed persons

C. Allowing mental cases to return at home environment and care

D. Conducting periodic visits of mental and physical therapist in homes of patients


Option A

2. Since the Philippines is a republic country, it elects its president directly. What is the smallest electoral unit of the government?

A. Electoral tribunal

B. Election precinct

C. Commission on Election

D. Representative district


Option B

3. The advice on the invitation was found. Who failed to get the message?

A. Denims pants are all right

B. No barong tagalog please

C. Come in coat and tie

D. Polo barongs with demins are OK


Option C

4. Drug addiction has been found rampant in schools. The initial signs of addiction are in:

A. Shabby and unkempt appearance

B. Sleeping during recitation time

C. Red nose and checks at noon

D. Abusive language and behaviors


Option A

5. A child wanted to use her father’s family name. Why did she insist on this?

A. Every child should have a father

B. Every individuals has a right to be baptized

C. Every individual has a right to a proper identity

D. Every child should be called by her paternal name


Option C

6. Walang tubig kahapon. Ito ay pangungusap na:

A. Walang pandiwa

B. Walang paksa

C. May panaguri

D. May paksa


Option A

7. Why do nurses and doctors use gloves when injecting patients with AIDS?

A. AIDS transmitted by touch

B. AIDS virus easily enter open wounds and pores

C. AIDS virus easily enter open wounds and pores

D. A prick of a needle from AIDS patient is dangerous


Option B

8. After two pregnancies some of these mothers loose a pair of teeth or so. What could be the cause?

A. Lack of iron & other minerals in diet during pregnancies

B. Diet during pregnancy lacks sulfur

C. Too much sweets in diet

D. Poor brushing habits


Option A

9. The chef mixed wine with other appetizers otherwise ________ the recipe.

A. Everyone will be questioned

B. Everyone will question

C. Everyone will be questioning

D. Everyone will ask and question


Option B

10. The carabao is the working animal of farmers. However, these herds were converted for meat purposes. How did the government respond to the lack of carabaos?

A. Put up a carabao project in CLSU

B. Imported buffalos from Australia

C. Distribute tractors and other machinery

D. Converted farms into subdivision and housing area


Option A

11. Student and teacher stand at attention during Flag ceremonies. School principals assign guards on the street to stop vehicles during the ceremonies. How does the public take this practice?

A. Only military and policeman should stop and salute the flag

B. Only school children should be controlled in these ceremonies

C. The flag is for all citizens: it’s the symbol of the nation

D. Stopping traffic is not the job of the school


Option C

12. How does the Philippines show its identity in airlines?

A. Displaying the Philippine flag in carriers

B. Pilots wearing Philippine ensign

C. Stewardess dressed in Philippine costume

D. Playing Filipinos songs in Philippine airlines plane


Option A

13. Which of the following lines is an example of iambic pentameter?

A. Her desk once red with heroes blood

B. And this alas is more than we would do

C. She loves the way I hold her hand

D. I will lament and cry


Option B

14. How many twenty thousand are there in two million?

A. 100

B. 500

C. 50

D. 1000


Option A

15. A patient underwent a surgery. The anesthesia hardly had an immediate effect on him. Where was the case traced? To his:

A. Being allergic

B. Physical weakness

C. Being an alcoholic

D. Heredity


Option C

16. Food remnants, plants and other animals wastes should be separated in waste disposal since:

A. These can be converted to organic fertilizer

B. These hardy decay

C. These invite flies

D. These are easy prey to rodents


Option A

17. Tomatoes come in abundance at certain times of the year. How can the supply be assured?

A. Plant during rainy season

B. Encourage preservation of tomatoes

C. Avoid using tomatoes

D. Use substitute to tomatoes


Option B

18. There was a tourist promo. All students bought tickets for the trip. The promotion was:

A. Done systematically

B. Educational and affordable

C. Understood and accepted

D. Motivated well and costly


Option B

9. To what biome do the Philippines belong to?

A. tropical rainforest

B. tundra

C. dipterocarp forest

D. grassland


Option A

20. Tides, caused by gravity, is gradually slowing down earth’s rotation speed. A million years from now, scientists predict that earth’s __________________.

A. day is longer

B. year is shorter

C. day is shorter

D. year is longer


Option A

21. On the earth’s geographical location will a town be to have most nearly twelve hours of light and twelve hours darkness during winter?

A. halfway between the equator and South pole

B. close to North Pole

C. close to equator

D. close to the South Pole


Option A

22. Which one explains why oxygen, a gas, is largest component of the earth’s crust?

A. oxygen gives earth crust its lightness

B. oxygen is capable of combining with most of the earth’s elements

C. oxygen is the most abundant element

D. oxygen is needed to sustain all life on earth


Option B

23. To earth scientist, the most important features on the map are the landforms that shape the earth’s surface and are shown in?

A. hydrographic map

B. geologic map

C. political map

D. topographic map


Option D

24. What causes high and low tides?

A. earth’s rotation on its’ axis

B. sun’s solar energy

C. moon’s gravitational pull

D. earth’s gravitational pull


Option C

25. How is coral atoll formed?

A. volcanic eruptions

B. corals growing around a volcanic island

C. underwater bedrock formations

D. earthquake


Option B

26. What is the long shore drift?

A. movement of sand and shingles along the coast

B. sand bars

C. accumulation of sand

D. island formed by volcanic eruption


Option A

27. How does an occlusion form?

A. cold air moving up from the ground

B. cold front pushing warm air up off the ground

C. unbalanced electrical reaction in air

D. cold and warm air mixing


Option C

28. What is heat haze?

A. A reflection caused by pollutants in the air

B. A distorted image resulting from the bending of the sun’s light rays by changes in air temperature

C. movement of warm air over a vast expanse of land

D. caused by extremely high temperature common of dessert areas


Option B

29. What sort of rock formation do the world’s greatest mountain ranges consist of?

A. magma

B. chalk deposits

C. fold eruptions

D. slip formation


Option B

30. What is the force that wears down mountains?

A. earthquake

B. erosion

C. volcanic eruptions

D. deforestation


Option B

31. How are volcanic islands formed?

A. Collision of two oceanic plates

B. Volcanic eruptions

C. Cooling of lava by seawater

D. Accumulation of corals


Option B

32. When you pass orange fruit from tetra pack into a glass, the juice changes its?

A. volume

B. shape

C. state

D. all of the above


Option B

33. The amount of water vapour air can hold at a certain temperature without any change in state

A. relative humidity

B. water capacity

C. water holding capacity

D. water pressure


Option C

34. A relative humidity of 20% mean air ______________.

A. is filled with water vapour

B. can hold 25% more water vapour

C. is filled up to 25% of its’ capacity

D. has no water vapour content


Option C

35. Which of the following does not cause the different seasons?

A. tilting of the earth’s axis

B. rotation

C. revolution

D. evolution


Option D

36. The movement of the ocean water which can be alternative source of energy or power

A. waves

B. tides

C. gravitational force

D. earth’s rotation


Option B

37. When water vapour reaches this temperature, condensation takes place

A. saturation point

B. dew point

C. condensation point

D. precipitation point


Option B

38. Results in alternative days and nights in opposite parts of the earth

A. earth rotates on its’ axis in west to east direction

B. earth rotates on its’ axis in east to west direction

C. earth stops rotating on its’ axis

D. earth tilts on its’ axis


Option A

39. The falling of any form of water from the air to the earth’s surface.

A. condensation

B. precipitation

C. water vapour

D. humidity


Option B

40. The part of the atmosphere that filters the ultraviolet rays of the sun

A. stratosphere

B. troposphere

C. ozone layer

D. ionosphere


Option C

41. The point of the earth’s orbit nearest the sun.

A. solstice

B. eclipse

C. aphelion

D. perihelion


Option D

42. The property of the minerals which give off rays of light when exposed to ultraviolet light.

A. luminescence

B. phosphorescence

C. radiation

D. fluorescence


Option B

43. Which of the following involves chemical weathering?

A. carbonation

B. oxidation

C. decomposition

D. all of the above


Option D

44. How long does it take for the earth to complete one rotation?

A. 365 days

B. 30 days

C. 24 hours

D. 72 hours


Option C

45. What is the primary function of gravity in the universe?

A. provision of energy

B. keep the stars and heavenly bodies in orbit

C. causes movement in space

D. part of universal design


Option C

46. What does the word “monsoon” mean?

A. moon will come soon

B. atmosphere

C. season

D. climate


Option C

47. Its’ discovery enabled geologist to date rocks accurately.

A. global positioning system

B. carbon-dating

C. radioactivity

D. layering


Option C

48. It occurs when the earth is between the sun and the moo, with the earth’s shadow cast over the moon.

A. total eclipse

B. lunar eclipse

C. eclipse

D. partial eclipse


Option B

49. It is the boundary at which the advancing warm air mass is replacing colder air at the surface.

A. warm front

B. stationary front

C. cold front

D. occluded front


Option A

50. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang hindi uri ng “galaxy” ayon sa klasipikasyon na ginawa I Edwin Hubble?

A. elliptical

B. spiral

C. barred spiral

D. Sirius


Option D