This is the Multiple Choice Questions in Professional Education part 1 as one coverage of Licensure Examinations for Teachers (LET). The exam is divided into two classifications. First is the elementary level exam which covers topics from General Education (GenEd) 40% and Professional Education (ProfEd) 60%. Secondly is the secondary level which covers GenEd 20%, ProfEd 40% and area of specialization 40%. I assume you are looking for a reviewer that will help you achieve your goal to become a professional License teacher very soon. Yes, you are in the right place to make your dream come true. Make sure to familiarize each and every questions to increase the chance of passing the Licensure Examinations for Teachers (LET).

PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION (Elementary and Secondary) Coverage

  • Teaching Profession, Social Dimensions of Education
  • Principles of Teaching, Educational Technology, Curriculum Development
  • Facilitating Learning, Child and Adolescent Development
  • Assessment of Student Learning, Developmental Reading
  • Field Study, Practice Teaching

Practice Exam Test Questions

Choose the letter of the best answer in each questions.

1. According to Confucius, what is the best way to rule a people and attain harmony?

A. By consulting the governed

B. By moral example

C. By force

D. By allowing people to do as they please


Option B

2. One cognitive advancement in adolescence is metacognition, what does metacognition mean?

A. Ability to do problem solving

B. Ability to recall and explain

C. Ability to analyze and synthesize

D. Ability to identify one’s own thinking process and strategies


Option D

3. The teaching cycle is not complete without_______ of learning.

A. Reviewing

B. Recycling

C. Planning

D. Assessment


Option D

4. In order to clarify values that have emotional overtones due to controversies and differences of opinion, one good recommendation is for the teacher_________.

A. To say what is moral for you may not be moral to others

B. To speak up for morality

C. To remain neutral

D. To take the most radical position


Option A

5. In Bandura’s theory, the teacher who can be observed in school is a______

A. Substitute model

B. Virtual model

C. Symbolic model

D. Live model


Option D

6. Teacher Mabel gives importance to “wellness: which needs to be developed among individual learners and so she can give focus on______.”

A. Vital values

B. Pleasure values

C. Spiritual values

D. Values of the holy


Option A

7. Which literacy is referred to as a core skill in the 21st century essential in developing the ability to work well with others by tapping on each other talents and skills?

A. Citizenship

B. Collaboration

C. Creativity

D. Critical thinking


Option B

8. What is the criteria for the selection and use if instructional materials?

A. Alignment with intended outcomes


C. Varied

D. In three domains


Option A

9. Which of the following is an acceptable initiative conducive to the teacher’s making a difference in the achievement of new generation of the country’s youth?

A. Quality teacher preparation

B. Greatest prestige in the community

C. Highest pay in the country

D. Wearing of distinctive teacher’s uniform


Option A

10. What is represented by “I wonder what sort of person I really am?” in Erikson’s Theory of Development?

A. Autonomy

B. Initiative

C. Trust

D. Identity


Option D

11. Following the ideas of Johann Friedrich Herbert, give the proper order of steps to develop intrinsic motivation among learners: 

I. Present the topic  
II. Prepare a topic of interest 
III. Inductive questioning
IV. New knowledge relate to life

A. II, III, I and IV 

B. II, I, III and IV 

C. C. III, II, I and IV 

D. I, II, III and IV


Option B

12. What kind of authority is best applied in guiding Millennial youths or learners?

A. Laissez faire

B. Rigorous

C. Authoritative

D. Relational


Option C

13. This is an example of esoteric content in a test question which should be avoided.

A. Is Yoga a form of Buddhist introspection?

B. What human character did the Buddha shown when he lived in India?

C. Was the Buddha reportedly a prince?

D. What are the three main principles of buddhism?


Option C

14. The new global landscape of the 21st century shows the following EXCEPT one. Which one is not?

A. Learners environment can be any place

B. There are multiple ways of teaching

C. Teachers are ICT equipped

D. Learners are attuned to rote memorization.


Option B

15. According to Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory, naturalist learners can _________.

A. Use hands to fix and create, and use bodily expression

B. Analyze ecological and natural situations and data

C. Mediate, reflect, exhibit self-discipline, maintain composure

D. Work with people and help them overcome problems


Option B

16. Teacher Rachel wants to evaluate an issue by having the group act out of jury trial. Which technique will she employ?

A. Panel

B. Simulation

C. Critiquing

D. Majority-rule decision making


Option C

17. The_____ is a quite informal group (usually four or five students ) serving as a panel with an audience.

A. Committee

B. Round-table

C. Critiquing group

D. Buss session


Option C

18. Which are said to be nurseries of the state?

A. Homes

B. Hospital nurseries

C. Convents

D. Schools


Option D

19. A teacher discovers that a product of a certain bottling company brings about damage to teeth. Much as he wants to share the products of his research, he could not because of harassment from all sides. Which teacher’s right is violated?

A. Right to one’s honor

B. Right to make a livelihood

C. Academic freedom

D. Right to property


Option C

20. This is a tool for assessment for spatially intelligent learners.

A. Oral demonstration enacting a movie scene

B. Writing inner thoughts

C. Landscape drawing

D. Written report


Option C

21. For those who successfully pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers, the________ signed by the Chairman of the Philippine Regulation Commission serves as evidence for lawful practice of the profession.

A. Professional license

B. Professional Oath copy

C. Professional registration fee receipt

D. Merit examination certificate


Option A

22. Teachers often complain of numerous non-teaching assignment that adversely effects their teaching. Does this mean that teachers must be preoccupied only with teaching?

A. Yes, if they are given other assignment justice demands that they be properly compensated.

B. No, because every teacher is expected to provide leadership and initiative in activities for the betterment of communities.

C. No, because to lead in community activities is the job of elected officials.

D. Yes, because teaching is more than enough full-time job.


Option B

23. To involve the students, teacher Phoebe come up with a provocative statement. Which statement did teacher Bernadette most likely use?

A. Care for the environment and it will care for you

B. Values are both taught and caught

C. The Philippines is the Pearl of the orient seas.

D. The millennials are a lost generation.


Option D

24. Which is understood by an eye wink, simple nodding of a head, or with a wave of a hand?

A. Facial expression

B. Gesture

C. Verbal communication

D. Body language


Option D

25. What is the first step in constructing achievement tests?

A. Determine the characteristics of the students.

B. Determine the characteristics of the students.

C. Determine the content and skills covered by the test as gleaned from the lesson objective.

D. Assess the teaching capability of teachers.


Option C

26. Reliability of test can be improved by various factors, and one is______ in which scores are spread over a range of abilities.

A. Heterogenous of the student group

B. Moderate item difficulty

C. Moderate item difficulty

D. Objective scoring


Option C

27. Assessment of learning is _______ to the teaching-learning process.

A. Auxiliary

B. Integral

C. Increased number of score items

D. Objective scoring


Option C

28. When you begin teaching with concrete experience then come in with conclusion, which method do you employ?

A. Deductive

B. Inductive

C. It depends on your type of generalization

D. It depends on the quantity of details you bring


Option B

29. In the original version of the 2016 CPD Law, the number of required units is 45. With the release of the Implementing Rules and Regulations, which statement is true?

A. The required number of units did not change.

B. The required number of units increased.

C. The required number of units decreased.

D. The IRR did not include Professional Teachers.


Option C

30. Leah can now teach her subject matter competently, without supervision and aid from her more experienced colleagues. She is now in this Career Stage.

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4


Option B

31. A 6.1-magnitude earthquake struck Metro Manila on April 22, 2019. In order to adhere to Domain #2, what is the best thing to do for schools the day after the earthquake?

A. Resume classes

B. Inspect the buildings for safety

C. Suspend classes for students but require staff to report

D. Relocate classes to another building


Option B

32. Howard Gardner’s work on multiple intelligences relates best to this domain in the NCBTS/PPST.

A. Diversity of Learners

B. Curriculum

C. Community Linkages

D. Learning Environment


Option A

33. Until now, there are localities in the Philippines that are not reached by the government, owing to distance and unavailability of transport. What, then, is the way for children in these areas to gain access to education?

A. Equivalency program

B. Formal schooling

C. Internet-based education

D. Alternative learning systems


Option D

34. Which is NOT TRUE of the Career Stage 1 – Beginning Teachers?

A. They do not have the minimum qualifications to teach.

B. They need supervision.

C. They benefit from guidance from peers.

D. They have no ability to inspire students and peers.


Option A

35Which does NOT belong to performance-based subjects?

A. Music

B. Science


D. Values Education


Option C

36. Which of the following functions CANNOT BE DONE by a school curriculum?

A. Changing cultural practices

B. Development of attitude and skills

C. Perpetuation of species

D. Socialization among children


Option C

37. After the teaching observation, Teacher B was called by his principal for a post conference. His principal informed him that she needs to improve on the area “ability of the teacher to encourage her students to use higher order thinking skills.” What PPST domain should be given importance to improve the point cited?

A. Domain 1 – Content Knowledge and Pedagogy

B. Domain 2 – Learning Environment

C. Domain 3 – Diversity of Learners

D. Domain 4 – Curriculum


Option A

38. Bullying that takes place in school runs counter to this pillar of education.

A. Learning to Know

B. Learning to Do

C. Learning to Live Together

D. Learning to Be


Option C

39. Jerry was aiming for a majority vote in the hope of promoting the interests of the many and ensuring that most, if not all, were in agreement. His aim can be related to this person’s belief.

A. Dahrendorf

B. Mead

C. Parsons

D. Marx


Option C

40. The EDSA People Power Revolutions toppled two presidents. The abrupt change in leadership is a manifestation of this theory.

A. Consensus Theory

B. Conflict Theory

C. Structural Functionalism

D. Interactionism


Option B

41. Associating the Bombay with money lending and debt is a form of this negative practice.

A. Discrimination

B. Prejudice

C. Stereotype

D. Bias


Option B

42. A community of informal settlers was relocated to the outskirts of the capital. The environment, though clean and pristine, lacked a lot of facilities/services that the settlers used to have. To survive, they must succeed in this AGIL phase.

A. Adaptation

B. Goal attainment

C. Integration

D. Latency


Option A

43. Sometimes the teacher should use a provocative statement to involve the students during discussion. Which among the following would a teacher most likely use?

A. Politics is a dirty game.

B. The youth is the hope of the motherland.

C. The environment needs our protection.

D. The Philippines is a province of China.


Option D

44. What is the primary role of the teacher in problem solving method?

A. Judge

B. Clarifier

C. Lecturer

D. Director


Option B

45. In the classroom, teacher Harper delegates some of her responsibilities to the whole class like asking student monitors to record attendance, an officer of the day to distribute learning kits, and student leaders to lead each small group when going to the canteen. What aspect is teacher Harper strong at?

A. Value formation

B. Instructional planning

C. Classroom management

D. Classroom teaching


Option C

46. The following facilitates critical thinking EXCEPT _____.

A. reflecting on how they learn

B. gathering information

C. comprehending a story

D. providing conclusions


Option B

47. Which among these terms is the most encompassing in the context of applying technology in the teaching-learning process?

A. Information Technology

B. Instructional Technology

C. Educational Technology

D. Technology in Education


Option C

48. The internet consists of thousands of networked computers around the globe. Which of the following terms does not refer to the internet?

A. Net

B. Online

C. Cyberspace

D. Cyberspace


Option C

49. For Erik Erikson, unsuccessful resolution of the adolescent stage “Identity vs. Role Confusion” may lead to maladaptive behavior known as “fanaticism” in which one believes his way is the only way, leaving no room for tolerance. This behavior is quire prevalent today with people who believe in _____.

A. Unity of all nations

B. Terroristic ideologies

C. Democratic principles

D. Globalization in a borderless world


Option B

50. In avoiding implying sickness or suffering, which of the following is the most preferable way to refer to those with disabilities like polio?

A. “… is polio stricken”

B. “… had polio”

C. “… polio victim”

D. “…suffers from polio”


Option B