This is the Multiple Choice Questions in Professional Education as one coverage of Licensure Examinations for Teachers (LET). The exam is divided into two classifications. First is the elementary level exam which covers topics from General Education (GenEd) 40% and Professional Education (ProfEd) 60%. Secondly is the secondary level which covers GenEd 20%, ProfEd 40% and area of specialization 40%. I assume you are looking for a reviewer that will help you achieve your goal to become a professional License teacher very soon. Yes, you are in the right place to make your dream come true. Make sure to familiarize each and every questions to increase the chance of passing the Licensure Examinations for Teachers (LET).

PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION (Elementary and Secondary) Coverage

  • Teaching Profession, Social Dimensions of Education
  • Principles of Teaching, Educational Technology, Curriculum Development
  • Facilitating Learning, Child and Adolescent Development
  • Assessment of Student Learning, Developmental Reading
  • Field Study, Practice Teaching

Practice Exam Test Questions

Choose the letter of the best answer in each questions.

1. Providing variety of learning activities to students is a characteristics of a teacher who understands the principle of:

A. Proactive teaching as a modem technique of teaching

B. Facilitating learning with emphasis on individual differences

C. Reward as a potential means of increasing the participation

D. Allowing the student to be exposed to various teaching techniques


Option B

2. All of the following shows respect for individual differences except:

A. Give greater attention to gifted learners

B. Treat all learners alike while the classroom

C. Provide for a variety of learning activities

D. Prepare modules for slow learners in class


Option B

3. Students who are disobedient and display negative attitudes towards others are best handled by teacher who will:

A. Detain him after office hours for him to do what he has been ordered to

B. Avoid giving him orders or if you do and the objects take back the order

C. Take every opportunity to praise him for every positive attitude displays

D. Insist on compliance to the same degree required of pupils


Option C

4. Which of the following develops critical thinking skills among the students?

A. Asking convergent question

B. Blind obedience to authority

C. A willingness to suspend judgment

D. Asking low level questions


Option C

5. A child who always fights with his/her classmates, who has a very short attention span, and who has frequent tantrums is believed to be suffering from:

A. Mental retardation

B. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

C. Down syndrome

D. Learning disability


Option B

6. Planned ignoring, signal interference and proximity control are techniques used in:

A. Operant conditioning

B. Managing surface behavior

C. Managing temper tantrums

D. Life space interviewing


Option B

7. The concept that learning to read or write does not happen quickly but is built upon many small steps that occur over the course of the child‘s early childhood.

A. Innate literacy

B. Emergent literacy

C. Functional literacy

D. Academic Literacy


Option B

8. Laughing at two year old child who uttered a bad word is not a proper thing to do because in this stage of the child‘s life, the child is:

A. Considering the views of others

B. Distinguishing right from wrong

C. Distinguishing sex differences

D. Socializing


Option B

9. The school director emphasizes the necessity of clean and green environment to contribute to effective teaching and learning. This is an example of:

A. Establish rapport between teachers and pupils

B. Providing an atmosphere conductive to learning

C. Providing adequate physical facilities

D. Utilize educational technology


Option B

10. The teachers are facilitators of learning. Which of the following negates this principle?

A. Performs not only classrooms roles but community involvement as well

B. Focus background of the students

C. Familiar with the latest innovations in teaching

D. Uses pro-active discipline method


Option B

11. The nearest to the real thing according to Edgar Dale‘s Cone of Experience is:

A. Watching demo

B. Viewing images

C. Attending Exhibit

D. Hearing and listening


Option B

12. Which of the following statements is one of the strength of an autobiography as a technique for personality appraisal?

A. It can replace data obtain from other data techniques

B. It may be read by unauthorized people

C. It gives complete data about the author

D. It makes possible presentation of intimate experiences


Option C

13. The present Philippine Teachers professionalization Act had its beginning on what period of roman history?

A. 295 B.C. - schools were elementary only

B. A.D. 100 - A.D. 175 - government increased its subsidy for education

C. 132 B.C. - A.D. 100 - Latin literature and grammar were perfected

D. A.D. 274-259 - government establish a monopoly on education


Option B

14. During the distribution of the report card, which of the following must be the foremost concern of teacher?

A. Discuss the projects of the school

B. Discuss the unsettled bill of the students

C. Discuss the progress as well as the deficiencies of the student

D. Discuss the complaints of other teachers and classmates of the students


Option B

15. Teacher Vincent is a new teacher. He realizes that handling his student‘s misbehavior is a very demanding aspect of classroom management. In this regard he thought of giving up teaching. What advice can you give him?

A. Report every student‘s misbehavior to the principa

B. Agree with the class on what rules to follow

C. Set the ground rules for the whole class

D. None of the above


Option B

16. Which of the following is a result of compressing a file?

A. The file size is smaller

B. The file deleted

C. The three character extension is hidden

D. All file properties


Option A

17. Vincent parents do not want their child with ADHD to undergo drug treatment, their better alternative would be

A. Behavior modification or behavior management

B. Psychotherapy

C. Punishment

D. Progressive inhibition


Option B

18. Ripple effect can also be seen in misdemeanor. The teacher should therefore:

A. Reinforce positive behavior

B. Immediately responds to misbehavior

C. Be consistent in classroom management

D. Count 1 to 10 before she gets angry


Option B

19. Metacognition is primarily characterized by:

A. Recalling the past lesson

B. Thinking about their thinking

C. Visualizing in advance

D. Formulating hypothesis


Option B

20. A person who is friendly and has a capacity to make people laugh possesses:

A. Interpersonal intelligence

B. Naturalistic intelligence

C. Spatial intelligence

D. Intrapersonal intelligence


Option A

21. Which of the following is an example of norm-referenced interpretation?

A. Josh‘s test score is higher than 89% of the class

B. Francis set up his laboratory equipment in 2 minutes

C. RJ solve five problems correctly out of thirty words

D. Bea must spell twenty five words correctly out of thirty words


Option A

22. A type of error committed in grading the performance of the students by the rater who avoids both extremes of the scale and tends to rate everyone as revenge

A. Severity error

B. Central tendency error

C. Generosity error

D. Logical error


Option B

23. Which of the following test items can be effectively measure higher order of cognitive learning objectives?

A. Achievement test

B. Extended essay test

C. Completion test

D. Objective test


Option B

24. A student finding it hard to read. When the guidance counselor traced the child‘s history, the counselor was able to find out the student came from a dysfunctional family, aside from that the child was abused and neglected. What could have caused the students reading disability?

A. Poor teaching

B. Emotional factors

C. Neurological factors

D. Immunity


Option B

25. The best example Operant conditioning among the following is:

A. Fostering conductive learning environment

B. Connecting facts and concept

C. Using reinforcement

D. Using manipulative device


Option C

26. The failure in the test of independence among Filipino students can be attributed to

A. Lack of skills

B. High degree of dependence to authority

C. Strong family ties

D. All of the above


Option B

27. Which of the following would be the most fitting action for the teacher who is having a relationship with his/her student?

A. Deny the relationship

B. Continue the relationship and exercise utmost professional discretion about this

C. Enjoy the relationship while it last

D. Defer the relationship until they are already to admit it


Option B

28. The following is TRUE in the development of understanding in early childhood, except:

A. Abilities to reason and to see relationship

B. Sensory experiences

C. Ability to explore their environment

D. Ability to ask questions


Option A

29. Which of the following are the basic components of curriculum design?

A. Assessment, teaching strategies and textbooks

B. Content, structure and deliver

C. Philosophy, goals and objectives

D. Standards, learning competencies, and evaluation


Option B

30. The following are examples of learning centered design except:

A. Child centered design

B. Life situation design

C. Humanistic centered design

D. Experience centered design


Option B

31. Which of the following statements about computer viruses are TRUE?

A. Text files are the only files to be corrupted by virus.

B. Files damaged by computer viruses can be cured

C. Files are always permanently damage by viruses

D. Compressed files can never be damaged by viruses


Option B

32. A child submitted a poor written report but package with boringly colored paper cover. This showcase______.

A. Art over academics

B. "porma" over substance

C. Substance over "porma"

D. Art over science


Option B

33. Clearance has inherent skills in taking care of plants. It is highly possible that she has ______ intelligence.

A. Intrapersonal intelligence

B. Naturalistic intelligence

C. Spatial intelligence

D. Existential intelligence


Option B

34. Mrs. Cruz dreams to organize a seminar with a known poet from another country but she cannot afford to spend for a transportation of the said poet. Which of the following can she use so she won‘t need to spend much?

A. Distant communication

B. Instant messaging

C. Video conferencing

D. Podcasting


Option C

35. Which is the first step in planning periodic test?

A. Select the type of test to be used

B. Construct a table specification

C. Go back to the instructional objectives

D. Determine the group of whom the test is intended


Option C

36. What is meaning of TOS in the parlance of test construction?

A. Table of specifics

B. Table of specification

C. Table of specific test

D. Table of subject


Option A

37. Ms. Soriano will be absent for two days because of a national conference. She wants her student to work on a certain module. What is the fastest way of sending the module to her students while she is away?

A. Share it to all her students in her live account

B. Email a module to her students

C. Send the module through group instant messaging

D. Message each of the students on a social networking site


Option B

38. Teacher Vincent is assigned to handle a multiple grade class. What instructional material must be used to provide the need of each grade?

A. Differentiated materials to cater to different levels

B. Multisensory materials

C. Colorful, useful and durable materials

D. Materials of high level thinking skills


Option A

39. A document publishes by a school district that identifies rules of behavior that must be followed by anyone using the school districts computers, network, or internet connection.

A. Ethical internet use policy

B. Classroom rules

C. Acceptable use policy

D. Fair use


Option A

40. Using Bloom‘s Taxonomy, the highest among the following is:

A. Critical Comprehension

B. Critical evaluation

C. Integration

D. Literal comprehension


Option B

41. To improve comprehension and retention among the students, the teachers best option would be use

A. Six thing hats


C. Contextual Clues

D. Autodidactic Activities


Option B

42. What practice(s) will demonstrate the teacher‘s genuine concern on the learning of students?

A. Confer progress of students to their parent

B. Guides students to meet their learning goals

C. Validates if learning goals were met

D. All of the above


Option D

43. Which of the following is the most important component of educational reform?

A. Allowing the students to participate more in extra-curricular activities

B. Implementing a better curriculum for students

C. Hiring only the excellent teachers

D. Involving parents in the dedication for the children


Option B

44. To increase the difficulty of a multiple choice test item, which of the following should be done?

A. Make the options equal in length

B. Make the options homogeneous

C. Make it grammatically correct

D. Make the stem


Option B

45. Teacher Anna set 85% accuracy in a test on predicting the kind of weather given 5 different atmospheric conditions. May obtain a score of 82% can be interpreted as:

A. She is 3% short of the set percentile score

B. She did not meet the set standards by 3%

C. She obtained 82% percentile score

D. She is higher than 82% of the group


Option B

46. Teacher Vilma constructed a matching type test item. IN her column of descriptions are combinations presidents, current issues, and sports. Which of the constructing a matching type test items was NOT followed?

A. The descriptions must be homogenous

B. The options must be greater than the descriptions

C. The descriptions must be heterogeneous

D. Arrange the options according the orders


Option A

47. Which of the following does not belong to the group when we talk about projective personality test?

A. Sentence completion test

B. Word association test

C. Interview

D. Thematic Apperception test


Option C

48. Which of the following is the main purpose of administering a pretest and posttest to the stu8dents?

A. Measure the value of the materials used

B. Accustom the students in frequent testing

C. Measure gain in learning

D. Measure the effectiveness of instruction


Option D

49. Which is implied by a positively skewed score distribution?

A. The mean, The median and the moderate are equal

B. Most of the scores are low

C. Most of the scores are high

D. The mode is high


Option B

50. A teacher put together the output of her colleagues in one workshop and published it with her name as author. Which is unprofessional about the teacher‘s behavior?

A. Failing to correct what appears to be unprofessional conduct

B. Giving due credit to others of their work

C. Not giving due credit to others for their work

D. Holding inviolate all confidential information concerning associates


Option C