This is the Multiple Choice Questions in Professional Education as one coverage of Licensure Examinations for Teachers (LET). The exam is divided into two classifications. First is the elementary level exam which covers topics from General Education (GenEd) 40% and Professional Education (ProfEd) 60%. Secondly is the secondary level which covers GenEd 20%, ProfEd 40% and area of specialization 40%. I assume you are looking for a reviewer that will help you achieve your goal to become a professional License teacher very soon. Yes, you are in the right place to make your dream come true. Make sure to familiarize each and every questions to increase the chance of passing the Licensure Examinations for Teachers (LET).

PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION (Elementary and Secondary) Coverage

  • Teaching Profession, Social Dimensions of Education
  • Principles of Teaching, Educational Technology, Curriculum Development
  • Facilitating Learning, Child and Adolescent Development
  • Assessment of Student Learning, Developmental Reading
  • Field Study, Practice Teaching

Practice Exam Test Questions

Choose the letter of the best answer in each questions.

1. You have a pupil who is so talkative, naughty and aggressive that he is a burden to the entire members of the class. How would you remedy this problem?

A. Talk to him seriously

B. Call the parents for dialogue

C. Report the case to the principal

D. Reprimand him always


Option A

2. What should a teacher do before constructing items for a particular test?

A. Prepare a table specifications

B. Review the previous lessons

C. Determine the length of time for answering it

D. Announce to students the scope of the test


Option A

3. Which of the following you will do to an examinee you caught cheating and who offered a certain sum of money to keep quiet?

A. Confiscate his test paper and report him to the examination supervisor

B. Motion him to keep quiet and watch for him after the examination

C. Announce to all examinees the name of the cheater

D. Ignore him but let him feel you saw him


Option A

4. Which of the following is the best situation wherein you can balance rights and authority?

A. Allow all their only daughter‘s suitor to come and go as she pleases

B. Caution their only daughter‘s choice of a boyfriend

C. Censor all their only daughter‘s suitor

D. Choose a life-partner for their only daughter


Option B

5. An adolescent combines his ability to use deductive and inductive reasoning in realistic rules that he can respect and live by. When he does this, how does he perceive his environment?

A. He sees the world through the eyes of the people

B. He interprets events from a limited point of view

C. He sees events apart for himself and other people

D. He views the world from his own perspective


Option C

6. Which of the following statement is the main reason why should negative words be avoided in constructing multiple choices tests?

A. Might be overlooked

B. Stems tends to be longer

C. More difficult to construct option

D. Increase the difficulty of the test item


Option A

7. Student David was asked to report to the guidance office. Student David and his classmates at once remark: "What‘s wrong?" what does this mean?

A. Guidance counselor are perceived to be "almighty and omniscient"

B. The parents of student Jay must be of the delinquent type

C. Reporting to a Guidance Office is often associated with misbehavior

D. Student Jay is a "problem" student


Option C

8. What do you think would be the actions of a teacher who found out and has proven that his principal is involved in the malversation of funds of their school?

A. Malign him through an anonymous letter

B. Present the charge to a complete authority

C. Ignore what the teacher has discovered about this action of the principal

D. Circulate this issue and let it become a gossip


Option B

9. The discriminating index number 15 is 0.44 this means that:

A. Equal number of student got the correct answer

B. More students from the upper group got the item correctly

C. More students from the lower group got the item correctly

D. The test item is very easy


Option B

10. What is the main advantage of using table of specification when constructing periodic test?

A. It reduces the scoring time

B. It improves the sampling of content areas

C. It makes test construction earlier

D. It increase the reliability of the test result


Option B

11. If a teacher is an advocate of banking concept in Education he or she viewed student as?

A. Clear account to be filled up by the teacher

B. Dormant account to be activated by the teacher

C. Wobble account to be balanced by the teacher

D. All of the above


Option D

12. Teacher Maechelle is a neophyte teacher. One time a mother of one of her students confronted and maligned her in front of her colleagues. How should conduct Teacher Myla react on this kind of situation?

A. Walk away and ignore the mother

B. Answer back the mother and malign her too

C. Wait until the emotion of the mother subsides and invite her to discuss the concern with the principal or guidance counselor

D. Allow the mother to keep on maligning her until it‘s her turn to do the same


Option C

13. Ms. Teodora is always guarded by the principle that she has a foremost responsibility as a teacher. Given the following which do you think is the main responsibility of Ms. Sanchez?

A. Ask the challenging question

B. Guides students in learning process

C. Shares responsibility in counseling

D. Inspires student to interesting lessons


Option B

14. Which of the following would best describe the role of the schools?

A. To educate the citizens

B. To educate the citizens to change the society

C. To fit the citizens into the society

D. All of the above


Option A

15. Manual aesthetic activities involving attitudes and feelings are primarily expressive of emotions and values not thoughts. An example of this motor skills is:

A. Baking a cake with background music

B. Saving a board for the wall of a book cabinet

C. Dancing and playing musical instruments

D. Manipulating a bowling ball to achieve a strike


Option C

16. Parents and teachers are considered as authorities and models by children at the early childhood stage. What does this statement imply?

A. Parent Teacher conference should always be an activity in school

B. Parents should enforce strict discipline at home and teachers in school

C. Teachers and Parents should serve as role models at all times

D. Teachers should demand complete obedience from the learners in school


Option C

17. Which of these statements regarding professional‘s teachers is the major difference in the professionalization of teachers and teaching as promulgated in Presidential Decree 1006 and in Republic Act 7836?

A. Assigned at the tertiary level in both private and state colleges and universities

B. Assigned at the elementary and secondary levels in both public and private schools

C. Holder of valid professional license and certificate of registration

D. Appointed on full-time basis and on permanent status


Option A

18. Social stratification is greatly developed in the classroom. Which of these activities would be an effective way of avoiding or minimizing this?

A. Encourage higher education aspirations among the less privileged pupils

B. Provide limited experience to children of less privileged classes

C. Assign leadership roles to the children of the upper social class

D. Avail the influence of mass media for children of all classes


Option A

19. The freedom constitution which provided the present philosophy of education was the contribution of the Aquino administration. Which of this statement is NOT consistent with our education philosophy?

A. Restore Ethical and moral values

B. Appreciate the roles of foreigners on the historical saga of the country

C. Foster nationalism and patriotism

D. Introduce vocational and scientific efficiency


Option B

20. In the preamble of the Code of Ethics for Professional Teachers, which of the following teacher descriptions is included in the Code of Ethics of the Professional Teachers?

A. With satisfactory teaching performance

B. Duly licensed professional

C. Persons of dignity and reputation

D. Passed the Licensure Exams for teacher


Option C

21. Babyhood is often referred to as a ―critical period‖ in the development of personality because:

A. Changes in the personality pattern take place

B. At this time the foundations are laid upon which the adult personality structure we built

C. The brain grows and develops at such an accelerated rate during babyhood

D. At the time the baby is exposed to many hazards both physical and psychological


Option B

22. If children are cooperatively engaged with the teacher in a group project the children will discipline themselves as each member of the group exercises:

A. Special interest

B. Moral compulsion

C. Obedience to the teacher

D. Peer influence


Option C

23. Operation ―Return to the basic‖ was launched by the department of education, Culture and sports not only to upgrade pupil achievement but also to:

A. Emphasize the importance of the 3Rs

B. Develop thinking skills

C. Encourage pupils to study

D. Serve as the basis for learning continuum


Option A

24. Which of the following embodies the operation "return to the Basics"?

A. National Secondary Achievement Test

B. New Elementary School Curriculum

C. New Secondary Education Curriculum

D. National Elementary Achievement Test


Option B

25. As provider for the education act of 1982, how much are the institutions of learning encouraged to set higher standards of quality over and above the minimum required for state recognition?

A. Formal education

B. Academic freedom

C. Voluntary accreditation

D. Continuing Professional Education (CPE)


Option C

26. The following is TRUE in the development of understanding in early childhood except:

A. Sensory experiences

B. Abilities to reason and to see relationship

C. Ability to ask questions

D. Ability to explore their environment


Option B

27. Values development is integrated in all subjects in the NSEC while values education is:

A. Emphasized in science and technology

B. Offered as a separate subject

C. Emphasize for creativity and productivity

D. Integrated with technology and home economics


Option B

28. Which of the following is a mark of a good teacher?

A. Has the habit of preparing for visual aids

B. Has the mastery of the lesson

C. Has the control of the class

D. Has the capability to implement corporal punishment


Option B

29. The main function of a philosophy of education is to:

A. Aid the learner to build his own personal philosophy

B. Define the goals and set the direction for which education is to strive

C. Provide the academic background prerequisite to learning

D. Reconsider existing education goals in the light of society‘s needs


Option B

30. During the class reunion of teacher, Eric learned that most of his classmates are successful in their fields. Also, he found out that most of them are wealthy because they have chosen a lucrative profession. Confronted with this situation, how should teacher Eric react?

A. Hide to those asked his real profession

B. Tell with pride that he is a teacher by profession

C. Leave the event so as to avoid being asked about his profession

D. Answer not their question concerning his profession


Option B

31. Teachers being the trustee of the cultural and educational heritage of the nation are under obligation to:

A. Promote obedience to the laws of the state

B. Promote national pride, cultivate love of country & instill allegiance to the constitution

C. Transmit to learners such heritage and elevate national morality

D. All of the above


Option D

32. The principal is very much interested in a quality professional development program of her teachers. Which of the following should she consider to realize this?

A. Prescribe by top educational teachers

B. Required for renewal of professional license

C. Responsive to identified teachers needs

D. Dependent on the availability of funds


Option C

33. Ms. Soriano wants to help in ending Ms. Del Mundo‘s act of immorality but doesn‘t have to encourage confronting her. What she did was to write and secretly distribute copies of anonymous letter to her colleagues. What should have been done instead?

A. Secretly give anonymous letter only to the people concerned

B. If the charge is valid; present such charge under oath before her school head

C. Ask a third party to write the anonymous letter to prevent her from being involved

D. Talk to the married man with whom Ms. Del Mundo is having an illicit affair


Option B

34. The principal ask his good teacher to write modular lesson in Filipino, then he had them published with his name printed as author. Which is unethical in this case?

A. He burdened the teachers with work not related to teaching

B. He got the merit which was due for his teacher-writer

C. He had the modular lessons published when they worth publishing

D. He wants to exclusive beneficiary of the royalty from the modules


Option B

35. Teacher Vincent, a teacher for thirty two years, refuses to attend seminars. He claims that his thirty two years of teaching is more than all the seminars he is asked to attend. Are his actuation and thinking in accordance with the code of Ethics for professional teachers?

A. Yes, provided he has an excellent performance rating

B. No, nonattendance to seminars would mean no increase in salary

C. No, a professional teacher, regardless of teaching experience, ought to go through CPE

D. Yes, because he taught for thirty two years and may have mastered the traded


Option C

36. Education is a continuous process of experiencing and visiting or reorganizing experiences according to a Progressivist. What does it mean?

A. Education takes place anytime and anywhere

B. Education goes on throughout life

C. Education happens formally or informally

D. Education begins and ends in school


Option B

37. The main contribution of the Arroyo Administration in education is Republic Act No. 9155. This provision:

A. Started the national scholarship program

B. Renamed the DECS to DepEd

C. Conceptualized the K-12 Education Program

D. Established the study now-pay later system


Option B

38. The main Purpose of compulsory education of the constitution is to:

A. Prepare students to be lawyer

B. Develop students with into responsible thinking citizen

C. Acquaint students with the historical development of the constitution

D. Make student‘s constitutional expert


Option B

39. Which of the following situations which violate the principle of respect?

A. Teacher B is giving special favor to students to please so that she can get a remarkable result in the evaluation

B. Teacher A tells her student that what teacher B taught is wrong

C. Teacher B, upon learning what teacher A did, asked the students not to attend her class

D. All of the above


Option D

40. Teacher finds teaching in a multicultural classes very challenging. Which among the following choices will alleviate the difficulty of addressing these challenges?

A. She must embody a curriculum rather than perspective

B. She must nurture diversity rather than practicing domination and oppression

C. She must consider stereo typing rather than cultural identities and biased attitudes

D. She must welcome one sided view rather than the recognition of biases


Option B

41. Ms. Janina is the most admired pre-school teacher in her school. Which among the following can best explain her being a good teacher?

A. She endorses all the projects of the school for her students

B. She manages to instill control to her students

C. She gives easy exams to her students

D. She adheres to the want of the parents for their children


Option B

42. B.F. skinner is a known psychologist and the one who first to describe operant conditioning. Which of the techniques is an application of operant conditioning?

A. Master learning

B. Process approach

C. Project method

D. Computer assisted instruction


Option B

43. Which of the following choices is considered as social force that affects the school and the curriculum?

A. Nature of knowledge

B. Learners‘ characteristics

C. Learner‘s style

D. Changes in gender roles


Option D

44. Which of the following is an expression of child‘s interest in his body?

A. Comparing themselves with others

B. Looking at themselves in the mirror

C. Commenting on various parts of the body

D. Looking the picture of adult men and women


Option C

45. Motor development is satisfied by a particular child who;

A. Recognize the different sizes of toys given to him

B. Learns how to walk, run, steer and jump

C. Has playmates within the neighborhood and is popular among kids

D. Known how to control his emotions because he could not ride the motor cycle


Option B

46. What is the main reason why children with ADHD have limited learning skills?

A. Act on impulse and cannot concentrate

B. Must take stimulants which shorten attention span

C. Are given sedatives which make them listen

D. Are mildly retarded


Option A

47. Many concerned parents commonly make the mistake of:

A. Deliberately creating high levels of stress for their child

B. Unintentionally rewarding their children for creating stress

C. Attempting to protect their children from all stress

D. Unintentionally creating high levels of stress for their child


Option C

48. Stuttering is commonly caused by:

A. Problem with physical origin

B. Psychological consequence of permissive parenting

C. Side effects of authoritarian parenting

D. Result of fixation caused by conflicts during toilet training


Option C

49. How can parents foster initiative and independence in children?

A. Mastering psychomotor skills

B. Encouragement from parents when a child plans carries out a task

C. Identity versus role confusion

D. None of the above


Option A

50. Which stage considers teachers, peers and adults outside the home important in shaping attitude toward oneself?

A. Initiative versus guilt

B. Industry versus inferiority

C. Trust versus mistrust

D. Integrity versus despair


Option B