This is the Multiple Choice Questions in Professional Education part 1 as one coverage of Licensure Examinations for Teachers (LET). The exam is divided into two classifications. First is the elementary level exam which covers topics from General Education (GenEd) 40% and Professional Education (ProfEd) 60%. Secondly is the secondary level which covers GenEd 20%, ProfEd 40% and area of specialization 40%. I assume you are looking for a reviewer that will help you achieve your goal to become a professional License teacher very soon. Yes, you are in the right place to make your dream come true. Make sure to familiarize each and every questions to increase the chance of passing the Licensure Examinations for Teachers (LET).

PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION (Elementary and Secondary) Coverage

  • Teaching Profession, Social Dimensions of Education
  • Principles of Teaching, Educational Technology, Curriculum Development
  • Facilitating Learning, Child and Adolescent Development
  • Assessment of Student Learning, Developmental Reading
  • Field Study, Practice Teaching

Practice Exam Test Questions

Choose the letter of the best answer in each questions.

1. Which tests determine whether students accept responsibility for their own behavior or pass on responsibility for their own behavior to other people?

A. Locus-of-control tests

B. Thematic tests

C. Stylistic test

D. Sentence-completion tests


Option A

2. Which of the following is a weakness of self-supporting personality checklists?

A. Many personality measures have built-in lie scales

B. They lack stability

C. They may not get true information because individuals can hide or disguise feelings

D. They have poor internal consistency


Option C

3. The class was asked to share their insights about the poem. The ability to come up with an insight stems from the ability to:

A. analyze the parts of a whole

B. evaluate the worthiness of a thing

C. relate and organize things and ideas

D. comprehend the subject that is being studied


Option D

4. To ask the class any insight derived from the poem is based on the theory of:

A. Realism

B. Behaviorism

C. Conditioning

D. Constructivism


Option D

5. On which assumption about the learner is Mr. Sales‘s act of asking the class to share their insight based?

A. Learners are like empty receptacles waiting to be filled up

B. Learners are meant to interact with one another

C. Learners have multiple intelligence and varied learning styles

D. Learners are producers of knowledge not only passive recipients of information


Option D

6. Which materials will her teachers least prefers?

A. Controversial issues

B. Open-ended topics

C. Unquestionable laws

D. Problem or cases


Option C

7. Why learning activities should be carefully planned?

A. The ability of the teacher to plan is tested

B. This is expected by pupils

C. The accomplishment of objectives is dependent on the plan

D. This is required of a teacher


Option C

8. Which statement on IQ and EQ is correct?

A. EQ has a greater contribution to performance than IQ

B. IQ has a greater contribution to performance than EQ

C. Blending of both IQ and EQ can make a difference in performance

D. The contribution of IQ and EQ to performance is dependent on factors like age and gender


Option C

9. Teacher Nikko helped his students recall that stalagmites grow on the "ground" while stalactites grow on the "ceiling" of a cave by associating "G" in stalaGmites with ground and "C' in stalaCtites with ceiling. What did Teacher Nikko make use of it?

A. Visual aid

B. Mnemonic device

C. Audio-visual aid

D. Meaning-maker device


Option B

10. "Makabayan" as a subject in the re-structured Basic Education Curriculum is the "laboratory for life." What does this mean? It is in this subject where the learner______.

A. Will be taught the Filipino strengths and weaknesses

B. Will demonstrate practical knowledge and skills gained in the other subjects

C. Will be taught the true concept of being "pagkamakabayan"

D. The biographies of heroes who are "makabayan" will be taught


Option B

11. In the faculty room everyone is talking about a teacher who is torturing for a fee from her own pupil who is vying for honors. What is the professional thing for the other teachers to do?

A. Talk to the parents of the tutee. Tell them what teachers doing is unprofessional

B. Leave her alone, she might accuse you of meddling in her personal life

C. Correct her and remind her torturing one‘s own pupil for a fee is unethical

D. As a group, report her to the principal


Option C

12. When Teacher Demi presents a set of data then asks the students to enter a conclusion, generalization or a pattern of relationship which method does she use?

A. Process approach

B. Type method

C. Unit method

D. Inductive inquiry method


Option D

13. Which individualized teaching method makes use of workbooks, teaching machines or computers?

A. Project method

B. Unit method

C. Programmed instruction

D. Inductive inquiry method


Option C

14. I want to elicit more student responses. Which one should I avoid?

A. Creating an evaluative atmosphere

B. Using covert responses

C. Prompting to covert wrong answers to correct ones

D. Giving non-threatening comments


Option A

15. For practice to be effective, which guideline should bear in mind? Practice should______.

A. Be done in an evaluative atmosphere

B. Be arranged to allow students to receive feedback

C. Take place over a long period of time

D. Be difficult enough for students to remember and learn


Option B

16. Which of the following is a practice in progressive education?

A. Open classroom

B. Study of classics

C. Academic orientation

D. Cognitive education


Option A

17. The workers‘ rights to form unions or to strike can be suppressed in times of national emergency. On what norm is this based?

A. Higher law, inalienable rights before alienable

B. Wider social order, the society before the individual

C. Clearer title, the certain before the title

D. Nobler person, God before man


Option B

18. Which skills should be taught if Teacher Joey wants to equip his students with the skill to organize information gathered?

A. Note-taking, outlining, using the library

B. Outlining, summarizing, using the card catalogue

C. Note-taking, outlining, summarizing

D. Summarizing, note taking using the library


Option C

19. Annual medical checkup required of teachers is done in the interest of:

A. Filipino medical doctors

B. Parents

C. The state and of every teacher

D. School administration


Option C

20. In a study conducted, the pupils were asked which nationality they preferred if given a choice. Majority of the pupils wanted to be an American. In this case, in which obligation relative to the state are schools seemed to be failing? In their obligation to:

A. Respect for all duly constituted authorities

B. Instill allegiance to the Constitution

C. Promote obedience to the laws of the state

D. Promote national pride


Option D

21. To be an effective classroom manager, teachers must be friendly but at the same time be:

A. Buddy-buddy

B. Rigid

C. Business-like

D. Highly demanding


Option C

22. Which of the following field of Social Sciences below is more connected with the study of social traditions and cultures?

A. Theology

B. Psychology

C. Sociology

D. Anthropology


Option C

23. Which appropriate teaching practice flows this research finding on the brain: "The brain‘s emotional center is tied into its ability to learn."

A. Tell the students to participate in class activities or else won‘t receive plus points

B. Create a learning environment that encourages students to explore their feelings and ideas

C. Come up with highly competitive games where winners will feel happy

D. Establish the disciple of being judgmental in attitude


Option B

24. Which statement holds true to grades? Grades_____.

A. are exact measure of IQ and achievement

B. are a measure of achievement

C. are necessarily a measure of students‘ IQ

D. are intrinsic motivation for learning


Option B

25. Which practice does not fit in a classroom that recognizes individual differences?

A. Uniform requirements

B. Sharing from multiple perspective

C. Accommodating student‘s learning styles

D. Various modes of assessing learning


Option A

26. Why is it sound to encourage students to define terms in their own words? Because________.

A. Defining the terms in their own words helps them memorize the definition faster

B. Students remember information better when they mentally process in some way

C. They ought to connect the terms that they learn with other terms

D. This is one opportunity to brush up with other terms


Option B

27. Grade 1 pupils will likely say that it is the row that makes the longer line. Based on Piaget‘s cognitive development theory, what problem is illustrated?

A. Conservation problem

B. Assimilation problem

C. Egocentrism problem

D. Accommodation problem


Option A

28. Were teachers in the Philippines required of a professional license since the establishment of the Philippine educational system?

A. No, but the equivalent of a license required was a certificate in teaching

B. Yes, it was required since the Americans established the educational system

C. No, it was only with the effectivity of R.A. 7836 that professional license was required

D. Yes, except for the Thomasites


Option C

29. The increase in the number of school children left by OFW parents intensifies the teacher role as________.

A. Student‘s friends

B. Guidance counselors

C. Facilitator of learning

D. Substitute parents


Option D

30. As a teacher, you are a rationalist. Which among these will be your guiding principle?

A. I must teach the child so he is assured of heaven

B. I must teach the child to develop his mental powers to the fullest

C. I must teach the child that we can never have real knowledge of anything

D. I must teach the child every knowledge, skill and value that needs for a better future


Option B

31. In the formulation of classroom regulations, which of the following should a teacher refrain from doing?

A. State classroom regulation as clearly as possible

B. Teacher and the class should make as many regulations as possible

C. Enlist student aid in the formation of classroom regulation

D. Enforce classroom regulations consistently and fairly


Option B

32. Zero standard deviation means that:

A. The students‘ scores are the same

B. 50% of the scores obtained is zero

C. More than 50% of the score obtained is zero

D. Less than 50% of the scores obtained is zero


Option A

33. Which is the least authentic mode of assessment?

A. Paper-and-pencil test in vocabulary

B. Oral performance to assess student‘s spoken communication skills

C. Experiments in science to assess skill in the use of scientific methods

D. Artist production for music or art subject


Option A

34. In what period of a child is physical growth fastest?

A. Prenatal period

B. Early adolescence

C. Early childhood

D. Prenatal and early adolescence


Option B

35. How does fear affect the voluntariness of an act?

A. Makes the act involuntary

B. No effect at all

C. Increases voluntariness

D. Lessens but not destroy voluntariness


Option A

36. A group of people asserts that their culture is superior to another. This exemplifies:

A. Cultural gap

B. Ethnocentrism

C. Cultural conflict

D. Norm conflict


Option B

37. A test consists of a graph showing the relationship between age and population. Follow a series of true-false items based on the graph. Which type of test does this illustrate?

A. Laboratory exercise

B. Interpretative

C. Problem solving

D. Performance


Option B

38. Which curricular move served to strengthen spiritual and ethical values?

A. Integration of creative thinking in all subject

B. Introduction of Value Education as a separate subject area

C. Reducing the number of subject areas into the skill subject

D. Re-introducing Science as all subject in Grade 1


Option B

39. A teacher is a facilitator of learning and of the development of the youth. Which practice is not keeping with his role as facilitator?

A. Considers the multiple intelligences of learners

B. Humiliates misbehaving pupils

C. Dialogs with parents and with other members of the community

D. Keeps himself abreast with educational trends


Option B

40. Which one indicates a teacher‘s genuine enthusiasm and pride in teaching?

A. Sticking to teaching for the moment that there are no better offers

B. Telling everyone that he went to teaching for there was no other choice then

C. Engaging himself in continuing professional education

D. Belittling the remuneration one gets from teaching


Option C

41. When is giving praise ineffective? When it?

A. Uses the accomplishment of peers as the context for describing a student‘s present accomplishment

B. Provides information to student‘s about their competence and the value of their accomplishment

C. Focuses students attention on her own task relevant behavior

D. Shows spontaneity, variety and other signs of credibility


Option A

42. Which statement applies when scores distribution is negatively skewed?

A. The mode corresponds to a lower value

B. The median is higher that the mode

C. The mode and median are equal

D. The mean corresponds to a high value


Option D

43. The use of the process approach gives the student the opportunity to:

A. Learn to their own

B. Apply the scientific method

C. Make use of laboratory apparatuses

D. Learn how to learn


Option B

44. A comprehension skill of higher level which may be inferred or implied from reading is:

A. Picking out the main idea

B. Drawing conclusion

C. Nothing specific details

D. Following direction


Option B

45. In the Preamble of the Code of Ethics of Professional Teachers, which is not mention about teachers?

A. Dully licensed professionals

B. Possess dignity and reputation

C. LET passers

D. With high moral values


Option C

46. What does a skewed score distribution mean?

A. The scores are concentrated more at one end or the other end

B. The mode, the mean and the median are equal

C. The mean and median are equal

D. The scores are normally distributed


Option A

47. What is implied by a negatively skewed score distribution?

A. The scores are evenly distributed from the left to the right

B. Most pupils are underachieves

C. Most of the scores are high

D. Most of the scores are low


Option C

48. A teacher discovers that a product of a certain bottling company brings about damage to teeth. Much as he wants to share the products of his research, he could not because of harassment from all sides. Which teacher‘s right is violated?

A. Right to property

B. Academic freedom

C. Right to one‘s honor

D. Right to make a livelihood


Option B

49. Why can the calculator do arithmetic? Because:

A. A computer inside the calculator tells it how

B. A watch inside direct it

C. A typewriter inside does it

D. A TV inside shows it


Option A

50. On which constitutional provision is the full or partial integration of capable deaf and blind students in the classroom based? The provision on:

A. Protecting and promoting the right of all citizen to qualify education

B. Providing citizenship and vocational training to adult citizen

C. Academic freedom

D. Creating scholarship for poor and deserving students


Option A