This is the Multiple Choice Questions in Professional Education as one coverage of Licensure Examinations for Teachers (LET). The exam is divided into two classifications. First is the elementary level exam which covers topics from General Education (GenEd) 40% and Professional Education (ProfEd) 60%. Secondly is the secondary level which covers GenEd 20%, ProfEd 40% and area of specialization 40%. I assume you are looking for a reviewer that will help you achieve your goal to become a professional License teacher very soon. Yes, you are in the right place to make your dream come true. Make sure to familiarize each and every questions to increase the chance of passing the Licensure Examinations for Teachers (LET).

PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION (Elementary and Secondary) Coverage

  • Teaching Profession, Social Dimensions of Education
  • Principles of Teaching, Educational Technology, Curriculum Development
  • Facilitating Learning, Child and Adolescent Development
  • Assessment of Student Learning, Developmental Reading
  • Field Study, Practice Teaching

Practice Exam Test Questions

Choose the letter of the best answer in each questions.

1. Teaching in the cognitive, psychomotor and effective domains is based on the concept that the learner is

A. Moral and feeling being

B. Maternal and an acting being

C. Thinking, feeling and acting being

D. Spiritual and maternal being


Option C

2. To build a sense of pride among Filipino youth what should be done?

A. Re-study our history and stress on our achievements as a people

B. Set aside the study of local history

C. Re-study our history from the perspective of our colonizers

D. Replace the study of folklores and myths with technical subjects


Option A

3. When necessary conditions are present, the use of inductive method is preferred because:

A. It gives the teacher more time to rest

B. There is greater active participation on the part of the pupils

C. It needs only few instruction materials

D. Academic time is used wisely


Option B

4. Which is the best reason why teacher begins a lesson in Math by checking and reviewing on the previous day‘s assignment and provides practice and drills?

A. Check if parents guide their children in the making of assignment

B. Make sure that the students understand the pre-requisite skills of the lesson

C. Prepare the students for the mastery test

D. Make learning interesting and enjoyable for students


Option B

5. For counseling to be successful which assumption must be avoided?

A. The environment must provide assurance of confidentiality

B. The counselor tells the student what to do

C. The student is willing to participate in the process

D. The counselor must be able to relate to the student


Option B

6. Which technique is most appropriate when a teacher wants a group to agree on a plan of action?

A. Composite report

B. Consensus decision making

C. Symposium

D. Agenda


Option B

7. What term applies to the search for related literature by computing access of databases of discs kept in libraries?

A. Compact discs computer research

B. On line research

C. Manual research

D. Computer research


Option A

8. What best indicates the effectiveness of classroom activities?

A. The laughter and enjoyment of students

B. The application of concept learned in daily life

C. The utilization of varied techniques and approaches

D. The variety of instructional materials used


Option B

9. The main purpose of the compulsory study of the Constitution in Philippine schools is to:

A. Develop the students into responsible thinking citizens

B. Acquaint students with the historical development of the Philippine Constitution

C. Prepare students for law making

D. Make constitutional experts of the students


Option A

10. Some students who are high in the scholastic aptitude test have failed in college. Some who are below the standards set for admission but who for various reasons were admitted, attained satisfactory standings? This proves that:

A. Human beings are certainly predictable

B. Admission tests are not accurate, hence should not be used

C. Aptitude tests do not measure all factors important for success

D. Aptitude test can be perfectly relied on


Option C

11. If the teachers pattern in questioning consists of calling on a student then asking the question:

A. All students may be encouraged to participate

B. The student called to answer may be able to think well of his answer

C. The rest of the class may just dictate the answer

D. The rest of the class may not engage themselves in thinking of the answer


Option D

12. Freud expounded that there is a period when young girls experience rivalry with their mother for their father‘s affection. This is called:

A. Electra complex

B. Oedipus complex

C. Achilles syndrome

D. Cassandra syndrome


Option A

13. Education is a lifelong process. This simply means that education:

A. May take place formally or informally to enable the individual to grow

B. May take place anywhere and anytime the individual so desires

C. Is a continuous process of experiencing and reorganizing experiences

D. Take place in the school where the individual is exposed, self-contained experiences


Option C

14. How is Values Education offered in the National Secondary Education Curriculum?

A. Emphasized in Science and Technology

B. Integrated in all subject areas

C. As a separate subject

D. Integrated with Technology and Home Economics


Option C

15. The NSEC orients secondary education to:

A. The teaching of the national symbols

B. Health values development

C. The development of competencies and values for social living

D. National development requirement and reflects search based direction


Option C

16. The child cannot distinguish abstracts during the sensory motor of development. Which of these techniques should a teacher apply to accommodate learning?

A. Make use of individualize instruction

B. Explain the lesson very well

C. Utilize concrete objects to clarify concept

D. Provide variety of educational toys


Option D

17. Which ofthese systems of learning includes ways and methods which are used in preserving and building certain within cultural communities?

A. Non-formal learning

B. Multi-level learning

C. Cultural learning

D. Indigenous learning


Option C

18. Which of the following statement is true in the use of experiments and demonstrations in teaching Science:

A. It is valuable if used in the context of a lesson that related observation to other information

B. It should be encouraged in elementary school since the concept the encompass are difficult for your children

C. It is as valuable as teaching by lecturing

D. It is less valuable than teaching through inquiry and discussion


Option A

19. Identical twins are more alike than fraternal twins. Which of the following statement principle supported by this?

A. Environment affects both fraternal and identical twins

B. Intelligence hinges in physical structure

C. Heredity has a part in determining intelligence

D. Intelligence is determined partly by pre-natal nutrition


Option C

20. In testing which of the following is referred to as cultural bias?

A. Some culture do better on test than others

B. Test items are more familiar with some culture

C. Test will show who is more cultured

D. Cultured people do better on tests


Option B

21. Which is the most obvious and familiar way of reporting variability?

A. Standard deviation

B. Range between highest with some culture

C. Standard error of the mean

D. Distribution of raw scores


Option A

22. The theory of identical elements in learning holds that transfer is facilitated when the:

A. Teacher uses different teaching devices

B. Learner has a memory of specific responses

C. Development task is easily identified

D. Experience is similar to the application situation


Option D

23. If this need is not met, the adolescent tends to be critical and always tries to find fault. This is the need:

A. For adventure

B. For recognition

C. To belong

D. For material security


Option B

24. Audio-visual aids are used in classroom teaching to______.

A. Help make learning more permanent

B. All of these

C. Help clarify important concept

D. Arouse and sustain student‘s interest


Option B

25. Which of the following is the most important purpose for using achievement test? To measure the_______.

A. Quality and quantity of previous learning

B. Quality and quantity of previous teaching

C. Educational and vocational aptitude

D. Capacity for future learning


Option A

26. In a multiple choice test, keeping the options brief indicates_______.

A. Inclusion in the item irrelevant clues such as the use in the correct answer

B. Non-inclusion of option that mean the same

C. Plausibility and attractiveness of the item

D. Inclusion in the item any word that must otherwise repeated in each response


Option C

27. Which of these criteria is the most important in test constructions?

A. The stem should contain the central problem

B. Items should be congruent with the objectives

C. A table of specification should be prepared

D. Options should be of almost the same length


Option B

28. Which of the following abilities is stressed by humanistic education?

A. Learn the different philosophies of education

B. Develop man into a thinking individual

C. Enjoy the great works of man such as the classics

D. Make man distinctly civilized, educated and refined


Option D

29. An appreciation lesson is one that is designed to lead the class to conduct and enjoy something. Which of the following statements closely approximate the meaning of the above?

A. An appreciation lesson should be a lesson in values

B. Appreciation lessons help pupils weigh and clarify values

C. One cannot fully appreciate what one does not understand or enjoy

D. A teacher should plan lessons that will guide children to appreciate what is beautiful


Option D

30. Which of the following is the best time for a teacher to set up routine activities that will contribute to effective classroom management?

A. As soon as the students have established

B. Daily at the start of the session

C. During his homeroom days

D. On the every first day of school


Option D

31. In large classes where little of the work pupils can be individualized, the most effective and practical ways to individualize instruction is to:

A. Devise group activities which afford every pupils an opportunity to work at his own

B. Give the pupils freedom to launch individual projects

C. Assign homework and check it regularly

D. Assigned program material for out-of-class hours


Option A

32. Which of these is the most important principle that a teacher should follow in initiating a program with positive reinforcement?

A. Make sure the reward comes immediately after the appropriate behavior

B. Punish negative behavior and reward positive behavior

C. Provide regular opportunity for socially acceptable behavior

D. Consider peer approval and recognition


Option A

33. The trend of focusing attention on the child‘s interests, abilities and needs and on the improvement of community living necessitate the use of the:

A. Discovery approach

B. Conceptual technique

C. Integrative approach

D. Project method


Option D

34. The best way the teacher can be of the appropriateness of an instructional materials is to:

A. Try it out before using it in class

B. Consider its technical quality

C. Consider its availability

D. Consider its cost


Option A

35. Tasks analysis involves the breaking down of a learning task into subtasks or sub skills. Given a task to retell a story, which of the following skills is not needed?

A. To disseminate information

B. To outline a selection

C. To identify topic sentences

D. To arranged events in sequence


Option A

36. You are assigned to teach students with varied abilities. You want to teach a more homogenous grouping. Which type of grouping will tend to benefit your students?

A. Mixed ability grouping

B. Low ability group

C. Within class ability grouping

D. High ability grouping


Option C

37. Which of the following examples illustrate the use of questions to focus pupil‘s attention on the key points of the lesson?

A. What is Rizal Park known for?

B. Why are machine made goods cheaper than those made by hand?

C. Have you ever enjoyed watching the clouds on a bright day?

D. Who came while I was writing on the blackboard?


Option B

38. The new teacher entered a noisy classroom. She shouted immediately at the students desperately trying to get order and discipline. Since then the teacher has not controlled the class. Which is the most probable cause of the teacher‘s failure?

A. The students reaction to the teacher is the consequence of her behavior

B. Rules are not defined and procedures to sustain order is not put into place

C. The new teacher wants to show the class who is authority

D. The class wants to test the ability and patience of the teacher


Option D

39. The educational implementation of research findings relative to the ability of dull learners and bright learners to organize and generalize is for teacher:

A. To make the bright learners guide the dull ones in learning to generalize

B. To make the bright learners to generalize and the dull ones to memorize

C. To give the dull learners to more concrete experiences to serve as basis for generalizing

D. To give both the dull and bright learners concrete and abstract experiences to serve as basis for generalizing


Option D

40. Which of the following will do the first to establish good class management?

A. Discuss the required rules for proper class behavior

B. Discuss the work plan for the year

C. Prepare a seat plan

D. Train the class in the distribution of material


Option A

41. A student was diagnosed to have a high IQ but is failing in his academic subject. What should the teacher do to help him?

A. Talk to his parents

B. Examine his study habits

C. Talk the student and find out his problem

D. Refer him to the guidance counselor


Option C

42. Which is the true foundation of the social order?

A. Strong, political leadership

B. The reciprocation of rights and duties

C. Equitable distribution of wealth

D. Obedient citizenry


Option B

43. When do test, inventories and career information become effective for counseling services?

A. When the data generated are interpreted on time by professionally competent person

B. The psychological test result are still valid and reliable

C. When the records are updated

D. When the records are kept for ready reference when needed


Option A

44. Which of the following is a major advantage in using arithmetic mean?

A. It is more commonly used than other measures

B. It is simple to compute

C. It discriminates between the lowest and the lowest

D. It is more than stable than the median


Option B

45. Learners often find it much easier to fit into a new social situation when given encouragement and support. How can this be done?

A. By discovering his new interest

B. By giving him room responsibility

C. By assigning ―peers or Buddies‖ to him

D. By giving him special help


Option C

46. Who expounded on the need to study the child carefully for individualized instruction?

A. Da Feltre

B. Boccacio

C. Erasmus

D. Ascham


Option A

47. Which of the following should a teacher do if she cannot pay the monthly installment of an appliance she got from a department store in their town?

A. Reject any notice of demand for payment to make the impression that she did not receive

B. Move to another neighborhood to escape payment

C. Inform the manager of the store personally and make a satisfactory arrangement of payment on or before the due date of payment

D. Offer the return of the used appliance to the store on the condition that she will be refunded on the monthly installment she paid


Option C

48. Which of the following will you recommended to a senior high school scholar who is impregnated by a fellow student?

A. Tell her parent about her condition

B. Stop schooling until after she gives birth

C. Direct her to an abortion clinic

D. Force her boyfriend to marry her


Option A

49. The government prescribes a higher percentage on the administration of educational institution to Filipino citizens in order to:

A. Minimize the unemployment problem

B. Produce globally competitive graduates

C. Protect the rights of the citizen

D. Ensure the teaching of Filipino


Option B

50. Which of the following is the best situation wherein you can balance responsibility and accountability?

A. A teacher paid on an hour basis, takes her time with the subject matter until the end of the period

B. A teacher paid on an hour basis, teaches as much as she could for the duration of the period

C. A teacher paid on an hour basis, spends most of the time on the latest gossips in showbiz

D. A teacher paid on an hour basis, entertain her students with stories until the end of the period


Option B